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Snowboarder skis a sawed snowboard

Snowboarder skis a sawed snowboard

We sawed it, now let’s test them! For our Coors Light Challenge film, we sawed
a snowboard in half. A cheap snowboard I found online. Now let’s
ski what’s left of it. What do you think of this idea?
It’s the best idea I’ve heard today. When is the last time you skied?
Last year, with a friend’s skis. This is good for slush.
The ski’s nipple. I’m ready. What the hell! Wu Tang is for the children. FUCK SNOWBOARDERS! It’s the board from your video! Backwards, no poles…
Brown first. Brown way first. It’s so long to wait for snowboarders… I’m done skiing, let’s switch back to snowboard
mode. How much out of 10 for Burton skis?
Since they’re Burtons, they’re worth 12. But otherwise, 0.

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