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Snowboarder Jamie Anderson Reveals If She’s Heading to the Summer Olympics

Snowboarder Jamie Anderson Reveals If She’s Heading to the Summer Olympics

You like Drake? I love Drake. So wait. Are you giving me
the silver medal? Why are you– Well I brought it
out just to show you. Oh. OK. And this one, they’re
both really heavy. I think they’re the heaviest
medals in history they said. Wow. Really? They made them
heavier this year? They are. Wow. They’re very heavy. Yeah, they’re the real deal. That seems like that’s
not good for an athlete to be walking around
like that with their– I should hold onto
these for you. Congratulations. So now, what does
that feel like? It’s insane. I feel really good. Like going there I had a lot
of pressure and expectations, but I told myself
as soon as I got down on Korean ground,
good vibes only. I don’t want to stress. I want to enjoy the
whole experience because it’s such a privilege
to go to the Olympics. And did you have any stress? Or did you keep to
your good vibes only? Good vibes only. You did? Straight up. The whole time people
were freaking out, and weather was
really difficult, and just the conditions on the
course was really challenging, but I was just dancing
and listening to my music, have my oils, turned on
my Beats by Dre, little Drake, little old-school
Dr. Dre, and I was cruising. Then I got excited again. I’m like, this is fun. So that’s what
you’re listening to? You’re listening to Dr. Dre
and Drake before you go down. And you’ve got your
essential oils. Yeah. And that’s how you win a gold. That’s what you do. You did some dancing for
us, speaking of dancing. You really did a lot
of dancing for us. We asked some of the
athletes to dance for us, but I think you danced
everywhere you were. Everywhere you were,
you were dancing. Well when we first got there
I was kind of distracted. I’m like, oh my
gosh, I’m supposed to send Ellen dance videos. And we were just like– [LAUGHING] And then those are the girls. My team. Yeah. I just feel like it’s
so fun, and snowboarding is such a free-spirited sport. Good vibes. That’s our coach with
the shuffle, Mike. So there are a lot
of amazing women. It’s usually a
male-dominated sport, but there’s some
incredible women this year. Obviously, you being the
main one, I would say. But a lot of really
great women, right? It’s so cool how many women
are into snowboarding now. When I first started
there weren’t very many. My two older sisters,
Joanie and Stacie, inspired me when I was
younger and gave me their hand-me-downs. And there’s a few
girls I looked up to but now you look
at snowboarding and it’s filled
with not only women, but like beautiful goddesses
that are like feminine power. And I just get excited,
now being a little older, looking at riders like
Julia Marino and Hailey, they’re just like 16, 17, 18. And I’m like, heck yeah. Snowboarding is in good hands. It is. I mean there’s some
amazing athletes. So is slope-style
the one that you have to take the elevator up? That’s big air. That’s big air. OK. Big air, don’t care. Let’s talk about
big air, because you have a fear of heights. And yet, you don’t
have to do this. And yet you choose to do this. So talk about what that
feels like for someone afraid of heights
to go up there. So big air is pretty new. They pop them up in
cities and all over, that’s in a huge arena. And, Oh, front-end. And it’s just crazy. You have to hike–
literally, I counted– there’s a hundred
stairs from the bottom of the landing to the
very top, and then you get in this sketchy elevator
and go another 30 floors. And I just have
to breathe, maybe put on another little
tree oil at the top, and once I’m on my snowboard
and riding down I feel good, but just that exposed height
of being on the edge, and just blurred out all the
chaos and expectations, and just tried to
do it from my heart. That’s amazing. Because you’re an
athlete, you’re obviously physically fit,
but I think mentally it seems like you’re so focused. And that, to me, is
a huge key part of it too, because stress
does come into it and there’s a lot of
factors that come into it. So if you’re not grounded
and focused, that’s, I think, a big part of it too. Oh, huge. My sister told me when I was
like 9 or 10 years old, Joanie, she’s like, anything
we do is 90% mental. We all have the
capability, it’s just a matter of if you believe. And that really stuck
in all those years. What a great thing
for young people to hear out there,
girls and boys, and to hear that 9 years old. To hear that early on,
that 90% is mental, and if you can just
put your mind someplace and focus on something
that’s a great deal of it. I believe that that’s
why I’m here, because I was mentally driven to this. Yes. Now will you go back and
try for a third in 2022? Gosh. It’s hard to say in
future trip four years. But as long as I’m still
loving it and healthy, there’s no reason not to. Yeah. I know that you surf
and you skateboard, so would you do any
Summer Olympics? Because now skateboarding
is in, right? Oh. I mean, I would love to. I made a bet that I want to
hit a mega ramp at X Games and it would be insane to
go for the Summer Olympics. It would be insane. I hope you do it. Are you taking time to relax? Are you going to go someplace
and just chill on a beach somewhere? I’m going to go
to Baldface Lodge and ride some powder
first, because I’m really inspired right now. All I want to do is ride
more, get some powder in, and then this spring
I’m taking a break. I want to go surf,
hang out in Mexico, drink some margaritas on
the beach with our crew, and see if I can actually
get in the flow of surfing. Good. Well you deserve to
have a good, long break, and I hope you do go
back to the Olympics, and I hope you do
the Summer Olympics. But before that, you
just need to rest. And I want people
to leave you alone. So I got you a gift so people
would just leave you alone. All right? This is amazing. Oh my goodness. Wow. Well we gave you beer. I should have given
you margaritas, but we gave you beer. Oh my gosh, beer? I’m down. Wow. All right. So nobody will bother
you because it says so. It’s not you.

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