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Early February we decided to leave for a 2 weeks trip to Montreal and Québec… Young French guys, Welcome to Québec! I wish “Drôle De Vie” may become the real Moto, the good and beautiful life! The crew was composed with Fred, Mathieu, Jérôme, Laurent and myself. Come ooon! Jump ! Jump ! Jump ! Fuck it, I screwed my jacket… Hello Charles Henry ! You know the French guys who wanted to rent the winch… I think that they just found out the deception… They realized it was a shitty winch… We still managed to make them loose 3 days of shooting! We had a lot of troubles with the first winch we rent… It went out of order countless times ! I just canʼt stand Canada anymore… So what ? I am very, very, very happy ! Very happy ! Finally ! We made it! The red rail ! Of torstein Horgmo ! A dream comes true ! Even the local guys were amazed when they saw us riding sometimes, it was so cold… I donʼt know how they do! Itʼs freezing! -38°C (-36°F)… to -42°C (-43°F) with the windchill one day… A little snack? I was intense… We decided to leave to Canada and especially to Québec because Louif knows a lot of spots there and he gave us really good advices, he shew us the cool areas on the map! Hellooo, Meet us on Xtreme video channel early March for the third Almo Film episode. For this episode we will propose you a small 8mm film with good snowboard inside,
completely filmed in the French Alps. Isnʼt it wonderful�

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