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Snowboard Tricks: Wheelies : Snowboarding Tricks: Tail Wheelie Upper Body Form

Snowboard Tricks: Wheelies : Snowboarding Tricks: Tail Wheelie Upper Body Form

In this section we are going to talk about
your upper body mechanics when you are attempting the tail wheelie. Basically you just want
all your weight off of your board towards the tail, you want to take your arms and put
them down onto the snow. This will bring your nose of your snowboard up, this basically
do all the work for you. Just make sure you are wearing gloves because you are going to
be dragging your hands down the snow behind your board the whole way. If you don’t have
gloves your hands are going to get burned by the snow. After doing the tail wheelies
your shoulders will determine whether or not you go straight or turn on your tail wheelie,
either way it doesn’t matter but just be aware when your arms are down that if you are front
arm is pointing this way you will take a toe turn, if your arms are pointing out you will
come to a stop and take a heel turn. If your arms are completely straight and your eyes
are looking down, you’ll just go straight down the mountain. And that’s upper body mechanics
and how to do a tail wheelie just like every trick your try on a snowboard just try it
until it feels right.

79 thoughts on “Snowboard Tricks: Wheelies : Snowboarding Tricks: Tail Wheelie Upper Body Form”

  1. k well you could call it a wheele if you sao please but who gives a shit im posting this comment to tell the chick who is in the vidio that her goggles are a little big for her head lol!

  2. It's a tail press. Like nose pressing a box or tail pressing a box or rail. Samething but you're going it on flatground.

  3. Yup, only time I heard someone call it a wheelie is from a gaper. Some goes for when they call jibbing, grinding.

  4. ok… so meany thing wrong with the state ment at 2:27 "ur hands are goin to get burned my the snow.." wtf!?!? better words like? scarchet? cut? scraped? maybe evean hurt? but burnt by snow… just not workin..

  5. Even if it did come from skateboard its not called a wheelie for skating either, its manual. and shes showing how to tail press, not "wheelie"

  6. This chick fuckin blows at boarding, she obviously doesnt even have her own goggles cause those were way to big, dumb bitch. ONLY TRICK TO DOING MANUALS, SHIFT YOUR WEIGHT!!!!!

  7. yes dude i do snowboard, but those goggles are obviously built for males, they are not supposed to cover your whole nose, cheeks and forehead, she needs to pick up another hobby, knitting maybe?

  8. haha, these EXPERTS sucks. that doesnt even look good, it looks like she almost fell, and she only did it for like 3 feet, if that

  9. snowboards have no WHEELS therefore cannot do a WHEELIE . and you have no need to drag your hand unless u need to push yourself up from falling. you are NOT an expert

  10. Snowboards do not have wheels so therefore it is called a manual,
    You don't need to drag your hand its just your big googles must be weighing you down you just had to lean back, and you don't need to wear gloves because you wont be dragging your hand because that is not how you do it, word

  11. Considering snowboards don't have wheels, I'd call that a MANUAL.
    It's even called a MANUAL on a skateboard.
    On a bicycle, it's not called a MANUAL, it's called a wheelie.
    There should be a MANUAL sent to this girl, regarding MANUALS.


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