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Snowboard Rookies Ride with the Pros – Red Bull Upsprings 2012

Snowboard Rookies Ride with the Pros – Red Bull Upsprings 2012

The main thought of RedBull UpSprings is that we, the pro’s who have more experience, share and give that to the kids – no matter the age. To teach them technical knowledge we gained over the years, preperations and warm-ups. And also coaching them about fotoshootings, how to work together with media and everything else that comes along.

54 thoughts on “Snowboard Rookies Ride with the Pros – Red Bull Upsprings 2012”

  1. It's just unfair, these ''rookies'' are nearly born on their snowboards, most of us don't even stand a chance!

  2. felt good about myself when he did the backflip 1 off the cannon cause i do that but then i realized he is 15 im 17

  3. I'm really jealous cause these kids are extremely lucky. I'm almost positive they all grew up right near a mountain and were able to go boarding atleast a couple times a week. I'm probably half as good as them and I only get to go boarding one week a year if I'm lucky. This system sucks for those of us that don't live near mountains.

  4. damn i love snowboarding so much, but when i see the "rookies" i feel like quiting. they are pro's to me. i'm also 14 years old and when i see this, i really suck at snowboarding…

  5. Well that's the problem, i live in Belgium. We don't have mountains and snow. i only can practice in indoor parks and that's very expensive. i go 2 to 4 times in a month, that's not enough…

  6. Too bad it's that way for many pro sports too. Like for soccer all the good pros are recruited from a young age (like 5-10 years old) to play for major clubs mini league teams. It really sucks.

  7. Ich bin ein Rookie 🙂
    Leute ,ihr müsst nur gut trainieren und auf – möglichst bekannten Parks – auffallen!
    Und zwar professionell!

  8. I can't wakeboard because ankles are to weak and I woul'd brake my ankles if I would wakeboard, so then i tried wakeskating xp pretty fun but hard to go freestyle with it. but now i got better and better in snowboarding. Maybe look at my video's on my channel and comment&like 🙂

  9. I'll stay with snowboarding 😉 i practice often and learn something new every time sow i'm getting a little better every time 🙂

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