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Snowboard Review | Ride Machete GT and War Pig

Snowboard Review | Ride Machete GT and War Pig

Hi, this is a snowboarding review for
older riders older riders. My name is Richard and I’ve been riding for 16
years now. I’m an intermediate level rider and I get about 10 to 15 days a
year in and every time I’m in the market for a new board
I find plenty of information for younger riders who spend a lot of time in the
park but nothing that really applies to me. With the help of my son, Cam a
professional videographer here in Breckenridge last year we made a review
of the Libtech Hot Knife. The review was surprisingly well-received. This year I
reached out most of the major manufacturers and only Ride really
expressed any interest in working with us, therefore I’m going to give you my
impressions of the Machete GP and the War Pig. As you can see the War Pig
is the modern design that’s getting to be very popular. It’s definitely wider and you can feel that it’s hard to get up on the edge. It
takes a lot more effort. I found it very difficult to carve with this board. I
didn’t have a lot of time on it and I think it does take a lot of time to get
used to it. It’s very well received a lot of people liked this board and seems to
cover a lot of different riding types and styles but I never got there and I’m
not sure it fits for someone like me who doesn’t get that many days and is
older and really not that able to adjust the new things that easily, just my thoughts. And now the Machete GT. Newly designed for this year this is an all-mountain
aggressive high-end board and bottom line guys I loved it. I thought this
board made me a better rider all the way around as soon. As I got on it I was
comfortable right away started turning I found this thing carved as well or
better than any board I’ve ever been on. Picking up speed this
was extremely stable it just gave you a lot of confidence and comfort. It’s very
fast, it hardly ever chatters on you. I also found out I thought this was
interesting I cleared a catwalk that I haven’t made in the five years that I’ve
been riding here Breck on many different boards newly waxed, you name it, both times with this board. It really does seem to make a difference. It made
me a more confident rider and it’s easy to ride. I think because it’s an
aggressive board it just doesn’t take as much input on the rider and that helps. Any of these things that help us with energy; lack of energy spent, the board doing more than work, I think are good for older riders. It keeps us out here, makes us
more effective. I liked this board so much I bought it. It was a demo, I decided I
want to keep it and I have. Again, maybe a surprising thing that I’ve learned from
this and even some of the people in the industry didn’t think an aggressive board
would really be suited for an older writer like me, it is. In my opinion it’s
the way to go. All-mountain aggressive who really only gets a few days a
year to ride probably most of us really have one board, get a good one, get the
one that’s going to make you have the best time you possibly can out there. For
me this is it, I recommend it highly.

18 thoughts on “Snowboard Review | Ride Machete GT and War Pig”

  1. I tried the warpig this year and I will say because of how wide it is, it does take a little more to carve at low speeds. That's my only complaint. Other than that the warpig is definitely my #1 board I have ridden in my 20 years of boarding. I'm a east coast rider and don't get many pow days. My opinion it's the best board and most versatile board ever made

  2. Loved this review! So glad I stumbled across it. I'm 45 and I've been an east coast rider for over 20 years. I still ride my old Ride Serum 157, which I absolutely love, but I've been shopping for a new set-up and have had my eye on the GT. The price point is a little higher than I was looking but you may have just sold me on it!! 🙂

    Just curious – What bindings did you use while testing the GT? … and how would you rate the flex on the GT? I think I'd be looking for something a little softer than my Serum…

    BTW, I think your POV as an older rider reviewing boards for us "old guys" who still like to rip it up is great! Hopefully there will be more reviews soon. Thanks again!

  3. Perfect review! I'm a 46 years old boarder with the same skillset and days on the mountain. It is fast on the flat, wonderfull to carve with and extremely stable. Loved it from the beginning.

  4. First public comment on You Tube here. Spot on review Richard. Couldn't agree more. 53 this month. Riding for approx. 20 years and lucky to get 10 days on mountain. Aggressive rider for my age. Entry level air moves and carves similar to what I see in your video. I purchased a 2015-2016 model at end of season last year. Rode it 2 days and thought WOW! Fast forward to this season where I got to ride it about 6 days total thus far. The board is crazy good. All mountain, light, and extremely maneuverable and responsive. I completely echo your comments. I am 160, 5'8" and went with the 154. I had not upgraded for 9 years. This board blew me away. However, it did have a lamination failure at the tail side where the rails come together which I discovered my last day on the board this season. Just today received my 2016-2017 Warranty Replacement – thank you RIDE and Christy's Sports for making good on the warranty. Still snowing in the mountains so with any luck, maybe I can check it out yet this season. Based on the 2015-2016 model, you could not GIVE me another board right now. If the board selection can make you a better rider, this board made me … a much better rider. I'm sold.

  5. Thanks for the review. Haven't tried the Machete but sounds like a good deck. I bought the Warpig this season and like it a lot. I can wip that thing around very quickly. So far it's handled everything well except bulletproof ice. I'll be 49 years old this year so "old guys" can also rip the new shapes : )

  6. Indeed! i agree with everything you just said about the Machete GT! I just got it this year.. i was coming from a Skate banana.. and omg! i improved my riding in just days! amazing board! fast! and stable!

  7. Is ur regular board a lib? Lib only makes rocker hybrid board. The ride machete is a camber board which for someone who can ride like urself is Far superior to any rocker/ rocker hybrid board. The warpig is flat camber which is why u thought it felt sluggish compared to the rocker. The machete will lock into carves and hold a superior edge to any rocker or flat board. The rocker boards are good for quick turn initiation but won't hold as good as camber. The machete is an aggressive board meaning it's less forgiving than other profiles and meant for intermediate to advanced. U should try a ride helix if u like the machete. It's a similar ride w an asymmetric edge which you'd enjoy. I own a bunch of boards and a helix is def among the ones I ride the most. Also I'd recommend a yes standard for u as well asym profile w little more stiffness aka aggressiveness which is suited for u. I'd stay away from rocker boards unless it's a Never summer ripsaw, which has rocker w aggressive camber zones underfoot. Camber board w sintered base w always be faster than any other profile.

  8. I will definitely try the Machete GT and the War Pig (but in a small) as I am slightly shorter and lighter with smaller boot since I have a lot more days in a year to play around. As for older riders like me, I hear the Jones Mountain Twin and the Jones Ultra Mountain Twin for their dampness and aggressiveness. I heard promising things about the upcoming Jones Mind Expander as a versatile powder/all mountain/ freestyle board. Also check out the website Old Guys Rip Too

  9. I'd love to see more of these reviews! They feel more relevant to me than the ones by young dudes who spend 100+ days on the hill every winter.

  10. Hi i have the machete gt 2017 the same with your but the boots size is 11 us 10 uk 44.5 euro and the board is 157cm with waist width 255 but the boots are too narrow at toy edge .it is 3.5 cm 35mm. what i can do?plz help me. what size do you have? and also what size of boots do you have?

  11. Great review. One good solid aggressive do anything board… Absolutely on same page.

    I rip around on a ride berzerker 167w. Aggressive, amazing everywhere, absolutely solid through anything. If you get the chance to ever try one, don't hesitate!

    However, it's directional, and for a long time I've been eyeing up and considering the machete gt to have an aggressive twin for a second board. Your review sold me on the idea. Thanks! Good moves.

  12. This is amazing… I found a mint but used snowboard…. ride 2015-16 machete gt for sale… it’s 160cm and I’m more into freestyle all mountain that’s why I think of looking into this. I’m worried it may be too tall for me but I like the price of around $300 with bindings. Previous owners boot is a 10 mine is a 8.5

    Would u recommend this board for me and would I need new bindings if my boot is 8.5?

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