Snowboard review Borealis Koi 2018 (english cc)

Hi, we’re in the winter wonderland of Hintertux… …and we’ve brought along 8 very cool boards to review. First of all, the Borealis Koi is a very interesting board. I think it has a very beautiful design… It has been inspired by the powder Mekka of Hokkaido… …you can see the Japanese Koi in the design. a very unique board, a directional powder board. You can tell that by the enormous tip it has… …in powder it just floats sublimely on the snow. But to be able to still handle the pistes well… …Borealis gave it a good camber shape… …just a bit set back to the center of the board. That helps you with grip in corners. And parallel to the bindings… …they have the edges extrude slightly, I’m exagerating just a bit, for extra grip in corners and on piste. So, how did the board feel? First of all I think it’s just a very cool board to ride. It can handle pistes quite well, what I did notice you really have to work to push the board through corners. In powder, it really keeps it’s nose up really well. You just surf down effortlessly, a really wonderful feeling. If you want to know more about the Borealis Koi: check our complete written review on

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