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Snowboard Kıyafetiyle Kayak Yapılır mı ? Kayak Kıyafetiyle Snowboard Yapılır mı ? I SPXTV

Snowboard Kıyafetiyle Kayak Yapılır mı ? Kayak Kıyafetiyle Snowboard Yapılır mı ? I SPXTV

Hello I am Orkun. Our subject is can you
skiing with snowboard outfit and can you go snowboarding
with ski outfit? Okay, this is one of the
commonly asked questions. I am seeing someone in the store department, looking for a snowboard outfit And the customer likes the outfit
very much. But the customer is asking whether he/she could
go skiing with that outfit. Or the opposite question is asked. The customer
really likes a jacket or a trousers in the skiing department, but he/she is
snowboarding and hesitating to buy the outfit. So, we decided to make a video about
this subject and to make things clear. And we want to eliminate this
question marks in people’s minds. Actually, in technical
terms, there is no difference between ski
and snowboard outfits. Their purposes, usage
areas are totally same. They are used for skiing or
snowboarding, keeping warm, keeping away the water, and preventing sweating.
Their function is same. The only difference, actually, and this goes
for men which I will explain in a while, Is the design and fitting of the product. I said the difference applies for men, because fitting in women is almost similar, The feminine fit of snowboard jackets
and trousers and ski jackets and trousers is almost the same.
There is no significant difference. The snowboard outfits have fit, slim, fit, and regular fit products. Similarly, the ski has the same cuts. But, when you compare a snowboard jacket
for women and ski jacket for woman, Sometimes telling the difference
and knowing the collection of the product can be
extremely hard, even for me. They are similar. This is an advantage for women, because
they have a wide range of products of snowboarding and skiing clothes.
They will have different options. The differences between brands,
except for example, GoreTex, breathability, 5.000, 10.000, 20.000
which are included in many brands. Things are a bit difference in men.
Snowboard outfits for man have more
baggy and relaxed cuts. Actually, the outfits had moved
towards to slim fit cuts in recent years but still in
terms of look, as you can see on the screen, the look of the
outfit is baggier and has military looks with all the
pockets and other things. But in skiing, slimmer and
cleaner cut lines, more fine-looking jackets and
trousers are visible. But, as I said, this is all about fashion.
The function of both cloths is the same. The function of 10.000/10.000
ski jacket and the function of 10.000/10.000 snowboard jacket are the
same. I will give you an example. I used to ski with skiing jackets
and trousers of Rossignol. For a long time, like 7 or 8
years, I am skiing with jackets and trousers of Burton. Because,
I like that look more, I like the way it looks. I am using
Burton jacket but I am skiing. I rarely snowboard. 90% of
the time, I am skiing. But I am using snowboard products
because I like them more. I hope this gave you some idea. Now you
go to a store, and to SPX if possible, and buy the jackets and trousers you
like either for skiing or snowboarding. That is all. I hope to see you in other videos. Subscribe Our Channel

3 thoughts on “Snowboard Kıyafetiyle Kayak Yapılır mı ? Kayak Kıyafetiyle Snowboard Yapılır mı ? I SPXTV”

  1. Orkun abi sen bi harikasın bu aralar snowboard yapmayi düşünüyordum ve kıyafet sorun olurmu diyordum video için teşekkür ederim abi gerçekten çok iyi oldu Erciyese bekliyorum abi görüşürüz ?

  2. Snowboard a baslamak istiyorum fakat elimde ki montun eldivenin icligin uyumlu olup olmadigini bilmiyorum, uyumlulugunu teyit edebilecegim bir yer var mi acaba ? Birde bu kayak pantalonunu yeni baslayan biri icin tavsiye eder misiniz ?

  3. çok net söylüyorum 37 senedir kayan (41 yasımdayım) 120 kg olan bir veteran olarak kayakçılara tavsiyem KESİNLİKLE snowboard kıyafetleri kullansınlar.çok rahat ederler

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