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Snowboard Euro Surfer Carves Rider Rally

Snowboard Euro Surfer Carves Rider Rally

Welcome to the 2018 AASI Rider Rally! We Ripped A-Basin, Colorado for a week ! The snow was great considering it was May. There was a huge turnout with certified riders from all over the world! Team riders gave a good show sharing knowledge that we’ll bring back to our divisions & local resorts. Snowboarding has many styles… “Oh My God I’m In The Middle Of A Rider Rally!” & you can adapt to the snow conditions. Our rhythms started flowing towards Surfer Turns and Euro Carves Here we’re doing some Euro Carves laying our bodies in the snow getting our back arm to drag (Audience wooooow) Dang He’s good at that! We really talked a lot about practicing and focusing on one the thing that you’re about 75% efficient at. on that movement trick or skill. For this style of carving you want to get low at the very beginning of your turn and Start dragging your back arm in the snow Get your board to change edges across the Fall Line Refer back to my dynamic flex and extension video to get you flowing and in rhythm Click in the right corner to view that video Put a lot of your weight on your back leg Then extend through your turn and lay your body in the snow Put pressure towards the nose of your snowboard to pop you back up. If you put a grab in you’re making Surfer Turns! For now, let’s hang ten. Carving is riding and balancing on the snowboard’s edge and side cut Your back foot follows your front foots direct path, and you’re not skidding If you’ve done snowboard training you can see there are many different styles alignments and movements in these carves. Keep your core over the width of your snowboard and pressure down on the edge Some carving styles here were to separate your upper body from your lower body Locking into your carves, but it causes alignment issues and can tweak muscles or joints Carving like this is for higher level riders. So build up to carving trying the Circle Turns Click in the right corner to view that video Snowboarding is a very active sport stay fit to be able to bend, absorb, flex and extend with little effort When riding with a huge group of high-level snowboarders, you see cool style and tricks That you might want to be able to do Build up to that skill by perfect practice. Do the same trick over and over again until You’ve got the muscle memory and as you’re flowing down the mountain you can bust that trick out any time. No problem This is just one of the many snowboard tutorials we have sign up for the full course at Like, subscribe and comment Cheers FFR! Like, subscribe and comment Cheers FFR! Like, subscribe and comment Cheers FFR! Like, subscribe and comment Cheers FFR!

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