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Snow Ski Equipment : Picking Ski Goggles

Snow Ski Equipment : Picking Ski Goggles

So in this section I’m going to be giving
you a run through on how to pick out goggles that will fit your face and allow for you
to have proper vision and proper protection, because protection is a big part. It’s a reason
why you don’t want to use typical sunglasses because you’re not only protecting your eyes
from the sun, you’re protecting it from trees, branches, your ski pole, snow, anything like
that. It’s better to have a seal around your eyes that a goggle makes, as opposed to glasses
that stick out and stuff can get inside. Plus, the sun is not only coming down from above,
but it’s hitting the snow and reflecting up. With the glasses, it’s going to reflect up.
Having your eyes burnt by the sun is no fun for anyone, so it’s really important that
you go and pick a proper fitting goggle. They make goggles that are entry level goggles
to really advanced level goggles. This is pretty much just the products that they offer
depending on how much people want to pay. They also make goggles geared towards kids,
women and men. You want to pick goggles that are made for your face. If the goggles are
too big and there’s air gaps, you’re going to get air blowing in and it’s going to make
it so you’re kind of like getting teary eyed, it’s going to blur your vision a little bit.
If they’re too small, they’re just not going to be very comfortable. As you see here, this
is a goggle. Putting on it fits snug right here on my face. You want to make sure your
goggle strap is not too low so it’s falling off. But don’t wear them too high like this,
pretty much for visual factor. I don’t think anyone wants to see their goggles about to
fly off the top of their head, so just put them right here in the middle. It’s going
to allow for them to fit snug. If they’re too loose or too tight, there’s adjusters
right here. You can go and pull them a little bit tighter or a little bit looser depending
on the size of your head and if they’re fitting well to your face or not, because you want
to make a proper seal with the foam that’s on the inside of the goggle right here. You
want this to seal on your face, not letting in air that’s cold and could fog up the inside.
You want to make sure that there is a proper seal around it just to make it so your vision
is clear depending on what type of conditions you’re riding in, and so you can go out and
not have to worry about your eyes getting burnt or exposing your eyes to the elements
because it is a supersensitive part of your body. So picking out snow goggles is definitely
something you want to go to your shop, try a few pairs on, see which ones fit the best,
and whichever ones fit the best, those are definitely going to be the ones you are going
to want to go with and bring up to the mountain.

13 thoughts on “Snow Ski Equipment : Picking Ski Goggles”

  1. im bored so im watching but im asking … wats the diffrence between ski goggles and snowboard goggles and the diffrence between snowboarding helmets and ski helmets

  2. i want some new goggles cos im goin on few ski trips but i dont wanna pay lyk over £80 n i wan em 2 look nice
    any recomendations???

  3. Smith makes very affordable-very expensive goggles yet even the cheaper models are quality goggles. I bought some Smith's for $30 and they work fabulous. (It also cant hurt to have an anti fog cloth, which smith also makes)

  4. @danielpb10 if your going to get new ones get the Oakley Splice. Theyre just like crowbars but the nose peice doesnt pinch cause its open wider. Look it up, you'll see what i mean

  5. "you want to get goggles that are made…for…your face" really? I always thought they were to be worn as a bracelet. learn something new everyday

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