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Snow Ski Equipment : Freestyle Skis

Snow Ski Equipment : Freestyle Skis

In this section I’m going to be introducing
you to a basic freestyle ski. As you notice here as opposed to the other recreational
and older style of skis, the tails in the back flail up so you can ride switch, allowing
you to do some of the other tricks that skiers are doing nowadays. It allows you to ride
backwards, it allows you to land backwards. If you’ll notice, there’s a difference between
the edges right here. The edges on a freestyle ski are a lot thicker than the edges on a
recreational or a racing ski. This is because a lot of the other tricks where you’re sliding
rails and sliding boxes you’re putting so much of abuse, especially through here on
the ski, that the ski companies are making the edges a little bit thicker to help with
that, just so you’re not breaking your edges the first day out. On older skis, if you were
to try some of the rails and boxes tricks, you would definitely be breaking your edges
really fast. So with a freestyle ski the edges are going to be a little bit sturdier. Now
as you notice here, if you can see the sidewall, there’s different levels of thickness and
materials used. Skiers are now doing tricks like where you’ll spin around, and it’s kind
of bringing in some of the old ballet skiing tricks with some of the new skiing tricks
-they can do butters, you can switch around, you can press on your noses, press on your
tails…so the freestyle ski is going to give you all of that in one package, allowing you
to be able to do the tricks without having to worry about the performance of your product.
You’re just going to be able to go out there and have a good time, and learn all the tricks
that you want and need to learn.

20 thoughts on “Snow Ski Equipment : Freestyle Skis”

  1. what should be the appropriate height of the freestyle skis ? for example im 180cm tall. What should be the lenght of the skis ? Please help

  2. yeah man your skiis need to be at eye level no matter what, im 6ft and i ride 169cm twin tips and racing skiis, hope this helps!

  3. also one more thing, if your going to be hitting the park a lot then ur twin tips should come up to mouth level, if its off peast then stick with my last comment about eye level

  4. noooo, take them in your body size. idk in what sizes they come, but id go for a 180, minimum 175.
    they are not race skis which are skied short. + the fact that their tails are bent up decreases the actual surface area leading to the ski skiing short. centre mount shortens the feeling of the ski too.
    dont be a gaper, go for a ski that is ur size.

  5. is it absolutely necessary to have a twin-tip skis in order to do freestyle tricks? cause mine aren't twin tips and i wanna try and learn some tricks this season

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