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We’ve just spent the whole day in Biwako Valley. Our first snow experience ever! So, we’ve found some foodie! Yaki Imo! Roasted Sweet Potato. Right at the bottom of the foothill. We’ve got a choice of these two. Which one shall we have? Whoa! Look at the size of THAT! It’s called… So, let’s take a bite! Whoa! Look at that. Smoking hot! Mmm… The skin is very very crispy. It’s very sweet! Buttery smooth inside, right? Mmm!! (Sue agrees!) What a nice snack to have. We’ve got to go head off and… …change our rented (waterproof) clothings. And head back to Kyoto City. That’s it for tonight I guess. Had a good time. Good underground bar and snacks. That was a really good closing to the day. Yea!! So, if you like this video, give us a ‘Thumb’s Up’ …and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE! See you! See you guys! Goodnight 😀

32 thoughts on “SNOW In KYOTO!!! | BIWAKO VALLEY SKI RESORT (びわ湖バレイ) | JAPAN 2018”

  1. wb!!! :> wow sweet potato.. i havent eaten dinner after watching jurrasic world ? so hungry now haha, would love to hit the snow sometime soon hahah … yakitori and yoshinoya i miss it!!! loving this guys

  2. Nice vid, guys! I miss Japan so much. I really want to head there in winter to check out the snow scene.. everyone says it's uh-mazing!

  3. hahahahaha that snowman was awesome! Never been so jealous or a ski trip until we saw the roasted sweet potato T_T ANNO IMO looks like the best thing ever to have on top of a mountain. Yakitori's were looking delicious too. Loved the video guys have a great trip!

  4. Looks like you guys ate really well! Lucky you can read some of the Japanese. I really struggled with the menus when I was there. Tried to order from pictures but it didn't always go well

  5. It's always fun to build a snowman! And yours look great! The food looks so delicious! Good job on reading the Japanese menu!

  6. Wow that opening sequence was like something out of a movie! Great shots and editing. Looked like a lot of yummy food too! Funny how they sort of keep the good stuff for the locals. lol

  7. I love your intro. Looks like the start to a movie – so cinematic. Oh my, the snow covered mountains look gorgeous. I've never been drawn to cold places but it looks so stunning that I'd love to visit too! Nice masking transitions – I wish I could have the patience to do those!

  8. There's just something about snow that makes everything, even the simplest of things, seem more magical! Looks like it would be a great place to visit with lots of things to do for the whole family! I love that you mentioned in the description all the food because there were a few times where I was like "oooh what is that, looks tasty"!

  9. Hey guys, I'm finally getting around to checking you out after your comments on my Biwako Valley video. Great cinematics! I loved the speed ramps, hyperzooms and transitions. Just subbed!

  10. always love winter view…❤❤ . Your dinner at Kyoto make my mouth watering, missing sate so much xo xo xo , thanks for sharing it #PuriandSue ???

  11. Hello, where in the airport can we get the daytrip package? Their rate seems to be more reasonable than what we see online, thanks a lot

  12. hello,one from japan tooi am planning my second visit to biwako valley when i saw ur vidthank you for sharing

  13. Beautiful, I wish I have time to travel.
    I’m busy with work and doing eating videos ??

    Enjoy guys in your life and stay healthy

  14. hello Puri and Sue this is really beautiful place love snow looks like you had a lot of fun and yummy foods it is a bit cold but yet very nice scenery loved the sweet potato fish totally enjoyed in full loved the presentation you have new friend here keep up good work best wishes ?

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