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Snow Fishing @ Hot Creek Mammoth Lakes – Skiing Mammoth Mountain – Christmas Giveway

Snow Fishing @ Hot Creek Mammoth Lakes – Skiing Mammoth Mountain – Christmas Giveway

[Ed3] Ho ho ho [Ed2] Yeah these are 32’s. I had these
like like 15 years ago I think I need to upgrade to my new body [Ed3] How’s it going? [Ed2] Fine for right now I just think I… I
think it’s pretty stupid but… Stupid is what we are all about right? [Ed3] Just so you see y’all know that’s like
20-something degrees [Ed2] Yeah wearing snow pants under this and I
don’t know? It’s probably dumb but whatever. [Ed2 and Edd3] This is crazy. [Ed3] I know if that
picked up him but we both said this is crazy. Already?
[Ed2] This is stupid. It’s not super deep and just get slippery. [Ed3] Whoa yeah after that step. At least you have snow for a little bit
comfort you know? [Ed2] Yeah. [Ed3] Whoa. [Ed2] Have you slipped? [Ed3] I didn’t fall down. [Ed2] No have you yet?
[Ed3] I could feel the waders one like forward. [Ed2] All right look at this. This
looks like the safest way to go what do you think? [Ed3] It does but we don’t know
where this trail leads? [Ed2] Down? [Ed3] Try not to… [Ed2] oh probably that way. [Ed2 Laughs] [Ed3] No I decided to sit down and slide. Oh shoot but the reel is covered in snow. [Ed2] Hi! Dear viewers we’re going that way
down through all this snow. [Ed3] but this is that this is all steps right here
they’re so short look I know we do [Ed2] They’re too dangerous. [Ed3] On that side. Alright. Well I
gotta turn off the camera say bye. [Ed2] bye.. Okay I’ve already caught
this fish I got him hooked. We’re down at hot Creek
it’s snowy it’s below freezing but our lines are freezing check this guy out. [Ed3]
first one [Ed2] first one success oh shoot come on guy I’ve got to get you off. Ed’s got one
ooh both of us have caught a fish it was a long long walk down a snowy hill but
we did it Your’s is bigger than mine. yeah nice catch.
Ed’s out fished me [Ed2 Laughs] [Ed3] He struck hard. [Ed2] Yeah they are hitting hard
well nice nice pop off yep. We’re tied. [Ed2 Laughs] You know I think what the weirdest thing
about this is… oh I got a little brown over here the weirdest thing about this
is is because the air is so cold every time we bring in our line it’s frozen it
freezes on contact hey good I got you perfect on the lip.
Look at that he’s beautiful small little guy dude [Ed3] Dude you didn’t even cast down
this just jumped. This fish just jumped out of nowhere [Ed2] I didn’t even I didn’t even get my cast going
dude you were right. [Ed3] that’s crazy [Ed2] Ed 3 said switch to a white fly so I
switched to a white fly and I was getting ready to cast and this thing
jumped up out of the water and snagged my flight like instantly that’s crazy
[Ed3] oh I get 10% [Ed2] Yes 10% Credit [Ed3} Alright. [Ed2] Just hiked up the hill. It’s hard
enough doing this in the summer but totally worth it I’m dead are you dead [Ed3] No. [Ed2] let’s go ski it’s our Christmas giveaway subscribe
like comment and maybe share for a chance to win gift card shirts tackle
and more visit for more details I am the living Popsicle Holy Kamoli it’s cold

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  1. Awesome video and great giveaway guys ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ‘ŠMerry Christmas๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ„

    Laughed so hard at the way you said I am a living popsicle ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ

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