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Smith 2012 I/O Goggles Review from Peter Glenn

Smith 2012 I/O Goggles Review from Peter Glenn

Hi everybody this is Ted with Peter Glenn.
I’m here to tell you guys about a fantastic goggle. This is called the
Smith I/O, it’s also made in a smaller version called I/O S, which
actually with this is. … this one has the Red Solex Mirror, this one has the Ignitor Mirror, and they both come with a Sensor Mirror
which is a low-light lens. This actually has 70% light transmission,
which basically means it’s a fantastic lens to put in when it’s snowing and little bit darker and it’s harder to see
where you’re going, this is going to be like somebody flipped a light switch and
brought the lights up. … There’s a lot of features on these
Goggles. Let me go over the real quickly. Here… you have a Porex filter
on the lenses. This actually allows any moisture inside the lens to evaporate
out of it keeping it from fogging up. It has a velvet material that’s been put
on to the foam, makes it extremely Comfortable. And then for ease of putting
it off and on to your head they have what they call a Bra-Strap on the back
of it and as anybody knows Bra-Straps always make things go on easier. To switch these out take a look at this. All
I have to do are flip the two little cams up, rotate the two little side pieces, and then things will just start jumping
out left and right. Boom, boom, boom, comes right out. Here on the bottom we just pull on it a
little bit and lenses out of there, no problem, very simple. This one on the top all we have to do are
lineup on the top and pop those guys in. Lock the little cams down, take the sides of it, feed those in
and turn. Same thing on the other side, feed it in
and turn it/ And then here in the nose All I gotta do is pop those two little
tabs in. There you go everything has been put back together, good as new. But now you’ve got a goggle
that’s going to work much better in a Low-light situation. Come by and check
out all the cool new stuff!

8 thoughts on “Smith 2012 I/O Goggles Review from Peter Glenn”

  1. @Jamez1818 I think the black strap is better for a white helmet; the black strap has a white Smith logo on it, so it would create a very attractive contrast.

  2. Surprisingly good. This is my favorite pair of goggles. Best field of vision and best anti-fog system I've ever used.

  3. does it scratch easy or is it pretty scratch proof just wondering if i ever where to throw it in a pocket and it scrapes the zipper?

  4. These are pretty durable. I've had mine for several years and they haven't gotten scraped up enough for me to notice… and I'm not terribly careful when I stick them in pockets or my ski bag. I would recommend, however, that you put them in the little cloth bag that comes with them when you put them into your bag to travel. I think that's where they stand the most chance of getting damaged.

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