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Slalom Inline Skate trick tutorial – EAGLE – Lesson 12

Slalom Inline Skate trick tutorial – EAGLE – Lesson 12

Today we are going to learn several basic moves involving flexibility. The first move is eagle. You can try to perform this move when you learn semicircle turns and when you are able to balance on one leg pretty well. Before starting to do it with cones we need to stretch. And of course don’t forget to do the warm-up. First we need a prop (it can be a column, tree, wall). Turn toes out, keep feet close to each other. Keep hips tight, bend your knees The lower you sit down, the easier it will be for you to move forward. Try to put rollers in the same line, gradually turn the rollers on the inner side putting them on a kink (negative cut). Holding on the prop you can move in all directions, consequently defining the comfortable one. After stretching try to move in a straight line.. Make all the same moves as we made while stretching. After that, as soon as you learn to move forward, to make things harder try to move to the external direction. Great. Now let’s go to the cones! First make the distance 120 cm to make it easier. As soon as you learn perform the move smoothly, shorten the distance to 80 cm. The second move is Wave or sidesurf. If you can already perform the eagle easily you can proceed with this element. Basically this is a criss-cross on the eagle! All you need to do is to pass by every cone crossing legs in the eagle, the more the range of the move is, i.e. not moving in a straight line but sidewards, the easier it will be to pass by every cone. Start with 120 and then move to 80! Thank you guys for watching take care and see you!

18 thoughts on “Slalom Inline Skate trick tutorial – EAGLE – Lesson 12”

  1. Thanks. Subtitles helped a lot at 3:08, I thought she said "the mother range of the movies…" Never imagined I'd get a tutorial from Belarus's finest though. Definitely helped get better at the Wave. I gave up last year… until now.

  2. Be carefull, streching knees like that Will destroy them in time. I do The Eagle but i learned it in a safe Way. The anti Eagle or even The butterfly trick has made most of my friends to end it up their slalom trainings and most of then cant even Skate nowaday.

  3. Very nice! The google translation for ролики as "videos" (best to call them "skates")…I often see this on websites when translated from Russian to English. I'm a native speaker of English and have an intermediate level of Russian. Your pronunciation is super! I invite you to my channel. I would be happy to have you, and I look forward to your next video!

  4. Hola!!! Podríais traducir este tutorial a español?? O que alguien lo ponga por escrito en inglés y yo lo intento traducir? Mil gracias.

  5. Thanks for the tutorial it helped me practice the eagle I'm nearly there just couple more times and I'll finally get ???

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