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Skiing with Ruroc RG1-DX Helmets in a Whiteout | Wengen, Switzerland

Skiing with Ruroc RG1-DX Helmets in a Whiteout | Wengen, Switzerland

hello and welcome to vengan this is the
first crease ski trip of the year we are like here a bit early there’s like
nobody here which is amazing it’s so quiet we’ve kind of traveled off on the
Saturday we’re just staying overnight and then going back tomorrow night I’ve
got to show you the view from this room which is amazing check out that view it’s completely snowing at the most the
visibility is gonna be pretty bad when we get off there
I mean you know thinking about this last yeah I don’t think the snow was quite as
good as this last yeah I don’t know why nobody is here I guess it’s just before
Christmas so that’s not likely to happen but I’m checking out of you and I’m
thinking this is going to be amazing it’s completely sign out there it’s a
bit weird because the snow is like really in there you could see that from
that video you know normally it’s like blue skies sunny and you can see the
entire valley but right now not so much so let’s head up I’m gonna try and get
some GoPro footage up there I’m probably not gonna take this vlogging camera with
me so we’ll head up the mountain see what we get today and if it’s okay then
I might take the big camera with me tomorrow and they
see what I’m saying but cool we just get in our rural helmets ready so even though the conditions were like
interesting yesterday well then escape fine everything was
fine until I went to get on the train I slipped over smash money so I’ve got
massive bruise on there now and luckily I was wearing my helmet actually let me
find that helmet or is it okay it doesn’t look like much on the helmet as
you can see that on there there’s like a little nick so basically as I fell over
I dropped my ski drop my skis went face-first
I hit my ski on my chin traveled all the way up my face and then I faced my onto
the floor it doesn’t look like much on the helmet although I’m a bit annoyed
because it’s kind of ruin the painting hook but I could have been my face like
sliced open so I’m glad I was wearing it conditions much better today let’s get
up there and see what let’s get up there and see what’s going on all right Been skiing all morning, the weather is starting to close in, it looks like Mordor over there Over here it’s pretty bad as well Got a giant cow behind me here So we’re gonna head in, have some lunch and hopefully the weather will clear up Otherwise, we might have to end this ski trip early

8 thoughts on “Skiing with Ruroc RG1-DX Helmets in a Whiteout | Wengen, Switzerland”

  1. I saw this helmet on an intagram add so I don't trust it at all so can I just buy the bottom part and buy a different helmet and different goggles?

  2. cool video 🙂 Love the helmet, love the colour but hate the price is more expensive then a Arai or Shoei helmet that are the safest in the world track approved etc if the slice the price to half I would consider it is a fair price duo to technology etc other ways is a rip off lens for £40 or 4 pack for £100 complete rip off

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