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Skiing with my girlfriend! | Vlog 5⁴

Skiing with my girlfriend! | Vlog 5⁴

New week folks I start the week here Put on my skis But no poles Just one glove Just have to go skiing without poles At least I am motivated, I want to do the job It´s sucks, but I´ll put it behind me And do my best to be good as soon as possible and come back to the World Cup Wish me a good trip The good thing is that I can do a lot of filming when I don´t use the poles Always look for the positive angle Now it´s 1 hour or 2 with work It will be hard But that doesn´t matter when you see this at the top It´s so nice Is it fun to use the snowblower? You have filled up all of this with snow The shoes The snow is not supposed to come here and the car in the middle look – it will be nice Here you can see how much snow it is here Look at this Stand here dad It´s quit at lot I Just have one hand And I´m so sorry that I can´t do this job by myself I really would like to do it That´s life The snowblower…. It´s dad´s job description it also says “shoveling snow” He really has I hard work Nice start at the week It has been snowing so much all night I was supposed to go to treatment, but it´s a car that is stuck in the middle of the way, So I just have to go inside to relax eat some lunch before I have a meeting The week as started and it´s crazy much snow I’ve just finished a meeting with Jøra Bygg and finished the plan for my cottage that will be finished 24.march So when I come home from Canada the cottage will be ready I really looking forward to that Every detail is planed From bedsheets, to washing machine, to sockets I have some film clip Here you can see the cottage in the making I´m so excited and looking forward to the Jøra Bygg Cottage is ready It will be so nice This is a bright spot and when I can´t go competitions right now, I could join the meeting and that´s good Now I know a little bit more about the cottage and can decide how it will be inside So keep attention, it will be nice How was it Anders? Are you satisfied? Yes It´s better than stay at the school? It´s harder too It tough to follow your plan It was hard today What about you, satisfied? It was good, almost as we planed I did my best The 200 meters was very good The 1000 meters wasn´t that good Medium good Here you can see the times and then you can laugh at me Thank you for today On ski again Take a look at this – OMG It´s so beautiful Pernille is together with me, she is in front of me I´m still without poles, and can´t keep up with here I have my own pace and it´s good to be back on skis are you agree with that Pernille? It was nice today Thanks for the ride Was it nice to be out with an athlete from the National Team? As you? Yes. It´s very nice The National Team in bad technique At least not the National Team in good technique Jump in the car. Find the car key I have it What´s up? We are in Granåsen and making a promo video for Ski Tour 2020 Which will end here in Granåsen 22. and 23. February Someone has been lucky enough to join this promo video and made a camp lite fire It seems that they have a good time I´m going to train now It´s heavy to motivate to train now when I can camp here together with you That´s life I hope to see as many as possible here in Granåsen 22. and 23. February And if you take a look at my Instagram You can find a competition where you can win tickets for 2 persons to the stadium and accommodation for Ski Tour here in Trondheim 22. and 23. February You can join the competition at Instagram and also A Meet and Greet Maybe you are lucky to win And if you don´t win, I hope you will be here anyway Soon it´s dinner at Grandmother and Grandfather- it´s mothers day today Dinnerparty We have already eaten, and we have to go But we can finish the week here It has been a rough week I have been skiing without poles and not been in my best shape I try to keep in a good mood After the Vlog last Monday I have been reading every comment from you And I really appreciate all the comments a lot of nice messages telling me I’ll be well soon, have to live a normal life. I really appreciate your love just had to tell you it’s important for me to say and it motivates me to do the job to get well soon. This is the status I can bend some of my fingers pretty well I’m positive and we’re moving in the right direction going to the doctor on Wednesday to check status in front of ski-tour 2020. I cross my fingers and I’m remaining positive. One last thing we’re ending the week thanks for watching You should look forward to the next week. Ski-tour is starting and I hope to be back on start. Ola will be filming, he has vinter holiday hoping for a postive experience see you later when the going gets tough, the tough gets going think we’re heading for the top and then… it’s getting dangerous as Kristian Ulriksen says: Tie your shoes and keep going

100 thoughts on “Skiing with my girlfriend! | Vlog 5⁴”

  1. Saknade dig i Falun! Håller alla fingrar jag har för att du står på start i Ski Tour 2020! Vi kommer till Granåsen och hejar! 🤩👏🏻🥳

  2. Du e best ❤️ hvis du hadd like den kommentarn her har æ blir uendelig glad 😊 💙 ø krysse fingran får at du kan gå ski tour🤞

  3. Выздоравливай! Ты нам нужен, ты нужен для мирового спорта.👍

  4. Jeg digger å se vloggene dine, det er høydepunktet i uka, komme seg jeg fra skitrening sette seg med en kopp kakao og se på vloggen. Jeg var i Trondheim en gang og vi kjørte forbi deg, jeg ble helt Star truckt. Jeg håper virkelig å få møte deg en gang.❤️❤️hilsen stor fan

  5. Hoppas och tror att du komme tillbaka snabbt, krya på dig. Skulle vara så kul att se dig tillbaka i skidspåret igen. Någon måste ta ner Bolshonov på jorden, den någon är nog du.

  6. Dear Johannes
    thank you for the wonderful vlog today. We wholeheartedly wish you to be part of the ski tour 2020. Good recovery, motivation and trust. It's getting right. We will be on the ski tour on tv and cross our fingers for you. All the best for you an all of you.

  7. thank you for the vLog! (and especially the English subtitles!)…OMG, you are going to be super fresh for the rest of the racing season! this is a Blessing in disguise! GO FOR It!!! Godspeed in Healing from Colorado, USA!

  8. Ski Tour will lose much of the value if you don't take part in it. Fingers crossed for your return. However, i'm afraid that skiing with poles, especially double-poling finishes or climbing in Are uphill sprint can be painful. Good luck in every Ski Tour race. Stay health and positive!

  9. Давай внучок, возвращайся скорей, Сашке Большунову скучно без тебя бегать!

  10. Æ kan ikke kom å sjå på Ski tour fordi jeg skal få meg hund den helga, men jeg skal se det på tv. Du må komme å besøke sjetne ski en gang.

  11. Good luck with training this week and fast finger healing. Hoping to see you fresh and strong in the Tour! Cheering for you from the USA 🇺🇸! #sternja🐱❤️

  12. Johannes, was your blood work so bad so you had to simulate a fracture in your left or right arm’s fingers 🙂 Insta photos screwed you up man. 🙂 It is a clearly left arm you’re showing while driving in your post on Insta after you supposedly visited a physician 🙂

    Anyway good luck to you champ! We all miss you on the World Cup!!!

  13. Многие в России Вас любят и уважают . Поскорее выздоравливайте )))))))

  14. How is your finger? Already better? I hope so, because I want to see you in the ranks, although I am a fan of Bolshunov. Without you, his victories seem a little less bright, get well soon.

  15. Du är så själv säker! Väldigt duktig på skidorna och utanför skidspåret! Du är väldigt smart man som har goda vanor väldigt glädje fyllt av att sig dig väldigt motiverad vilja kraft! 😊 Du är kämpe du Kan vara stolt över dig själv 😍 vi alla i sverige hejar på dig mycket du är värkligen snabb det har bevisa du har bra med energi. Krafter motivation du kommer ganska fort tillbaks det kan du vara säker på fortsätt hade bra så ser vi dig snart i tävlings banan igen! 😊

  16. Best of luck in your recovery. I think this setback will only make you a more fierce competitor for the rest of the season. I sent you an email note from Alaska to the address on your Facebook page and hope you got it. I also hope it helped to motivate your recovery.

  17. Jeg lurer oppriktig på hvorfor denne videoen er laget! Jeg skjønner ikke poenget. Disse minuttene får jeg vel aldri tilbake! Du som så altfor mange andre i din generasjon tror av en eller annen grunn at verden er interessert i å vite hva som skjer i livene deres. DET EEEER JO INGENTING! "Æ kan itj måkk snø", "no e vi på tur", "her e nøklan"… hvem faen er det som har regi på dette? Det er jo IKKE NOE INNHOLD!

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