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Skiing in Northern British Columbia, Canada

Skiing in Northern British Columbia, Canada

The Skeena train line follows the Skeena River through the Rocky Mountains into the Coastal Mountains and connects a series of ski towns along the way and so we decided to take the train on a ski journey to check out each of these towns and their resorts and see what kind of terrain there was in Northern BC to ski. Just wrapped three days and Prince George. Checked out the town and got to shred on a bunch of the local hills which was super fun. Next stop is Smithers in the morning. See you at 7:00 to catch the train. We decided to drive to Terrace instead of taking the train because we saw a couple things that we wanted to check out in person and wander around. Some really cool cultural and historical stops along the way and then we got into town a little bit late grabbed a bite to eat and just got ready for our next day of skiing at Shames.

7 thoughts on “Skiing in Northern British Columbia, Canada”

  1. Great little video you put together! One of the cabins yo showed in Smithers was my parents (with the old snowshoes) and there’s about 20 steps up the front of that thing to give you an idea on how much snow sits in front of it. Hope more people check out the hills in that area. Enjoy your travels!

  2. Thanks for being "young" at heart to show us your moments in all that glory! It was all but a small moment but gave goosebumps at this paradise… By Train to boot! Woo Hoo Canada!

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