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Skiing in Japan 2017: Nozawa Onsen

Skiing in Japan 2017: Nozawa Onsen

If you ever have a chance to come, skiing out in Japan I cannot recommend it enough Hello and welcome to this episode of Adventures
in Japan Today I’m here in Nozawa Onsen in the Japanese Alps just north of Tokyo. It’s gone about 8am and I’m on my way up the mountain, to get the first lift of
the day. I’m standing in the lift queue of the Nagasaka Gondola Lift It’s the main lift in the resort and takes
me from here at the bottom at about 616m to about 1400m up at the top. I’m here at 1650m, at the top of Mt. Kenashi which translates to Mt. No-Hair It’s an absolutely gorgeous day, blue skies, fresh snow last night. It’s time to do some skiing! Here we are, tree skiing up in the mountains of Japan It’s such a beautiful day There was about 10-20cm of fresh snow overnight and it just means, the powder is out in full
force. right, it is lunch time on Day 1 of skiing
and we are here at a typical Nozawa Onsen, Japanese mountain hut lunch experience. and i’ve got traditional pasta, Japanese. from traditional Italy. I have got more traditional Udon. Spaghetti of the East. Another great thing about lunch in Japan,
is that it doesn’t cost €16 for a plate of chips like it does in Europe. This bowl of Udon was about ¥750, which is
about £4.50-£5 in UK money. Important things to know about skiing in Japan: The chair lifts have no footrests, the chairlifts
also have no queues. Japan is all about the powder snow. The runs aren’t as long as you’d expect if
you’ve skied in Europe, but the powder here is amazing. In Nozawa Onsen you get 10m of snow a year
compared to 3.5m, maybe 4m of snow a year in the Alps So it makes a massive difference. It snowed last night, it snowed the night
before, it’s meant to snow tomorrow, it’s meant to snow the day after that. It’s just non-stop snow. But then you get these beautiful clear days,
so the skiing is perfect. Now that is how you get around a ski resort. It’s the end of a long and brilliant day of
skiing here in Nozawa Onsen and there is only one more thing to do before dinner, drinks and bed. and that is to head to the onsen, for a steaming hot bath to get rid of the day’s aches and and freshen me up for tomorrow.

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  1. Such an underrated channel. I like how your video is straight to the point and not talking like explaining everything you see along the way

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