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Ski Touring and Snow Biking Across the Canadian Rockies Ep #20

Ski Touring and Snow Biking Across the Canadian Rockies Ep #20

After a month looking up in this path this pass from Canmore, I’m finally up here. Feeling good, it’s really hot coming up here to strip down but now it’s I Can’t wait to come back. Thank you can more Now I head that way This is a bit tougher than I thought it was gonna be But I’m getting close I think I’ve been going for Biking for almost four hours now from Canmore and Having this weight of the skis, stuff on my back Actually more importantly on my butt not super comfy just a lot of weight coming down on a not so wide comfy seat Otherwise, okay feeling a little bit of pain in my knees Mostly because I can’t put the seat any higher. Yeah all’s good Just left my Fat bike at Mount Engadine Lodge and somebody there is thankfully driving it back in the Canmore for me To give it back to Shannon and I am now on my skis Finally skiing west towards, Vancouver feeling stoked it’s gonna be amazing and It’s gonna be an interesting night tonight as I try to Start a fire under a tree in order to cook my dinner Because I do not have a stove I’m going so lightweight as you can tell my pack is not very big It’s quite nice and light Which means I can make distance So that’s gonna be interesting. It’s gonna be fun and it is dead quiet out here. It’s absolutely beautiful Just beautiful First night out on skis It’s my camp set up here Pretty sweet. I’ve got a fire going cooked my meal on it dug it out a bit And all the firewood right here under the tree It’s been pretty sweet Bit concern cuz the wind direction is sort of blowing a bit of sparks onto my bivy so I’ve just killed down the fire a bit, but Should be a pretty good sleep. I Did the bike from Canmore up to Engadine is about 37 K. And then I think I skied maybe 15k after that and Maybe about two hours Something like that Anyway, got the force to myself right now And I actually didn’t have to break trail because somebody else had broken trail up to this point. So I feeling pretty good Yeah gonna go to sleep now, I think Ah But Oh Beautiful. I finally got up into the mountains just crazy having spent so much time in Canmore or not actually getting too high up in The mountains which is what usually what I first do and they come to the Rockies climb up a peak Didn’t do that and feeling pretty good, I’m gonna sleep well tonight Made it up to the pass here. I just wanted to say thank you to Canmore Thank you Switching Gear Thank You. Valhalla up here. Thank you. Rebound Cycles Thank You. Shannon Thank You, Kaylee. Thank you Big C Thank you. Alpine edibles and farm box for all that good delicious food Thank You Lawrence grassy and Alpenglow Thank You Yoga land I’m gonna miss you guys Look forward to seeing you again Now I head that way

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