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Ski & Snowboard Park Contest – Red Bull Innsnowation 2013 Italy

Ski & Snowboard Park Contest – Red Bull Innsnowation 2013 Italy

Red Bull Innsnowation is a competition tour. Its motto is: design it, build it, ride it. Today is the final day! Today is the last step of the tour, here in Val Senales. This tour brought us to Chiesa Val Malenco’s Palù park, to trentino at the Monte Bondone and now we’re in the Alps at Val Senales. These Snowparks have been chosen by Red Bull because they sent a setup design made in snow to put in their snowparks. The winner will be the team who made the best setup. It needs to be versatile and cool. Judges will also see the riders level. The contest began in Chiesa Val Malenco at the Palù Park. They built a very cool setup, innovative. It’s a bowl where you can jump inside and get out in lots of ways. You can ride rails, jumps or a wheel based around the bowl. After Chiesa Valmalenco we went to Monte Bondone, near Trento. The set up was made in the middle of the half pipe. Monte Bondone’s half pipe is awesome. It’s one of the few super pipes in shape. The guys have transformed it with jibbing and jumping setups. In this way you can use the pipe in any other way. Now we’re here in Val Senales – It’s a wonderful day. Half way through April, in the end of the season. Behind me there is a huge setup called jack in the box, built by F-tech, the Val Senales Shape crew. This is the last step! The ultimate fight between the teams. Who’s gonna be the winner? Red Bull’s Innsnowation Super final: Val Senales team has been the winner of the contest. They’ve won the best setup, the best team, and the best way to use the setup. The setup is called jack in the box. Jack is a toy, a little box. When you open it, a clown pops out scaring you..our setup is the same. You’re gonna jump into it, and you get scared!..I guess…. We must say compliments to all of the Val Senales team. They have won in every category. Daniel Tschurtshenthaler won the amateur free ski. Max Vieder won the amateur Snowboard. Simon Gruber won the pro snowboard and Christof Schenk won in the ski pro category. I’m very happy today. We’ve won everything! We got the podium as F-tech Val Senales team. It’s very cool that our family won everything. The riders have really appreciated the setup and that our team won. It’s very cool. It’s a gift for us..I want to say thanks to the shaper and thank you all for this amazing event. Thanks!

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  1. Quit doing twirls and flips and get back to HUGE spread eagles on skis. Just make it float super long in one bad ass pose instead of all this air ballet.

  2. What a collosal waste of money and resources. Those options on that feature were a joke. Redbull stop designing video game style shit!!!

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  6. Excellent insnowvation! Props to Red bull. I wish I could hit the Jack in the Box! But even more, I wish someone would have preached the Way to Salvation from the top of it–repentance of sin & faith in Jesus Christ.

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