Ski & Snowboard Gear : Ski & Snowboard Hand Wear

Today we’re here to talk about hand wear for
snow sports. You’re going to see of course the biggest difference being between gloves
and mittens. Gloves you do have more dexterity which is nice for grabbing things or what
not. Zippers. And mittens though tend to be warmer. So if you have cold hands that’s what
I’d recommend. Starting with the thinnest available is, this is just a liner glove.
And this is just made to increase the warmth of any decent hand wear that you’re going
to have, gloves or mittens. These are great. Then some, a glove on the thinner side. And
that’s going to, for warmer days this is great. Protects your hands. Not as much for warmth
but still feels great. Then the warmest of gloves. Something with some insulation to
it. And Gore-Tex to keep your hands dry. And ending with the mittens we talked about earlier.
This is going to be the warmest hand wear available. So this is where you want to be
if you suffer from cold hands quite a bit. And that’s what you need to look for when
you’re looking for hand wear for snow sports.

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