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Ski & Snowboard Gear : Ski & Snowboard Eye Gear

Ski & Snowboard Gear : Ski & Snowboard Eye Gear

Today, we’re here to talk about selecting
goggles for skiing or snowboarding. I think goggles are much more appropriate than sunglasses
for these activities. They’re protect your eyes from glare off of the snow, coming from
the bottom up. They also protect against wind, which sunglasses don’t do that well. And also,
actually, if you fall on your face, the goggles’ a little more protective than sunglasses.
When you’re looking at goggles, you’ll see some basic models here, that just have a wrap
around lens like this. This is a double lens, they’re actually two lenses, like a thermal
window, and that keeps fog out from happening. There is also an anti-fog bonded to the lens,
and any of your more popular brands of goggles will have all those features. Then when you
step up into a more higher end model, you’ll see there’s a spherical curve to the lens,
which gives you less peripheral, visual distortion, truer looks, or truer views there. And, there
are different lenses available, any thing from a clear, which would be used for night
riding or very darker times in the evenings. Or, it for, the most near darkest, for the
brightest days out there. There’s also junior models available. These are obviously smaller,
still have all the same features, and what you’re going to look for when you’re actually
trying goggles on, is something that just fits well, all around your face, no gaps around
your nose, or anywhere else. And they do come in some different shapes, so trying on goggles
is the best way to go. When you’re wearing these with a helmet, pretty much all helmets
have some form of a goggle strap retaining device here, and that’s just so the goggle
strap doesn’t slip around on the helmet. So, they, they work real great with helmets also.
And, that’s what you should look for when you’re shopping for goggles for skiing or

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