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Ski & Snowboard Gear : Ski & Snowboard Clothing Head Wear

Ski & Snowboard Gear : Ski & Snowboard Clothing Head Wear

Hello, we’re here today, to talk about what
you should wear on your head, when you’re skiing and snowboarding. Pretty important,
because that’s where you lose most of the heat from your body. I think the most common
thing you’ll probably see out there, is synthetic or wool hats. Something that covers the ear
is nice. A lot of different kinds of hats, from mild to wild, there. A neck gator, right
around your neck, holds a lot of heat in. This is just a basic, little fleecy model,
very nice. They even, this is something of some wilder styles these days, which is also
great. What I recommend wearing, and what we all wear out here is pretty typical, is
a skiing or snowboarding helmet. You are traveling at pretty fast speeds, and much like a seat
belt, even if you’re a great driver, you probably wear one anyway, because somebody might hit
you. I think you’ll see a lot of similarities. There’s really not much of a difference between
a ski or a snowboard helmet. What you will be seeing when you’re shopping for these,
is of course, different looks. Everything that is available in a ski or snowboard store,
it typically meets the same minimum safety standards, so I wouldn’t say that is much
of a concern. Something I think that is very nice to have, is some form of venting, that
opens and closes, so that on warmer days, you can open those vents up, and let some
of that heat escape, and on colder days, you can keep it warmer for you. These ear flaps
also remove, for those hotter days. This helmet has a fit adjustment system here, just to
fine tune the fit, if you’re maybe between sizes, and you’ll also see a lot of what’s
becoming more popular, audio pads in the ears, so you can listen to music while you’re on
the hill. That’s a fun option, for sure. Just find something that fits comfortably. It should
fit somewhat snugly, but I would not use the word, tight. That will cause a headache, by
the end of the day, so that’s what you should look for, when you’re shopping for a snow
sports helmet.

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  1. Why do you guys always post like 20 videos just to explain something that can be done in 1? Just do ONE on snowboarding gear.. it's so annoying having to look for the rest of your videos.

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