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Ski & Snowboard Gear : Ski & Snowboard Base Clothing Layer

Ski & Snowboard Gear : Ski & Snowboard Base Clothing Layer

Hello, today we’re going to talk about how
to choose a base layer for skiing or snowboarding. This is important because you don’t want to
wear any normal clothes you may have, long sleeve tee shirts. Anything that’s cotton
is going to hold water next to your body and that’s going to make you feel colder and a
little clammier. So these synthetic materials that these base layers are made out of will
pull moisture away from your body, keeping you more comfortable. Some things that you
might see when you’re out there, probably the most common, is a thinner polypropylene
is a synthetic material. This is for high activity levels such as skiing, snowboarding,
snow shoeing, anything where you might be sweating. It’s pretty common. And we have
these. These you will see everything from mild to a little bit wilder. But, you know,
it’s fun so why not. Then another most common type has a little bit of fleece involved in
with it so it whips moisture away from you. This might be with your, I’m just hanging
out at watching the kids sledding or something like that. So you’re going to need a little
bit more warmth involved. These are available also in some different prints. And of course
and for your legs also. So that’s what I would consider when you’re looking for base layers
for skiing or snowboarding.

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