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Ski Boot flex by Skis com

Ski Boot flex by Skis com

Hi, I’m Kevin from This video is designed to help you find out which flex of ski boot is appropriate for your style of skiing. First let’s start off by talking about the three misnomers of flex. Flexes aren’t the same for men, women and kids. They each need their own unique set of flex indexes. Two – the same flex is not the same from brand to brand. So what might be a 100 flex in one brand and 100 flex in another brand, they are not necessarily the same stiffness. Three – the flex is going to change based on the outside or ambient temperature. So let’s get into finding out which flex is appropriate for your skiing. Start off on the soft end of the spectrum. Soft flexing boots are good for beginners, it always them to get forward very easily on the boot, and is a very forgiving so it’s not going to be a quick energy transmission. Medium flexes are designed for intermediates, athletic-beginners, or lighter weight advanced skiers. They have better energy transfer than a soft flexing boot, more responsive, but isn’t overpowering like a stiffer boot. Stiff boots are going to be designed for advanced or aggressive skiers. They’re very responsive and transmits the energy directly to the skis. Very stiff boots are designed for experts and extremely aggressive skiers. They’re extremely responsive and usually they end up sacrificing a little bit of comfort for the performance advantage here. I hope this helps you out in determining which flex is appropriate for. If you would like more information, please read the buying guide below and thanks for visiting us on

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  1. So, my Tecnica Mach 1 LV at notionally 110 flex ( with 2 bolts in ), WITH 2 BOLTS OUT is stiffer than my Salomon XMAX 130 WITH 2 BOLTS IN ! The Tecnica boot is undoubtedly the best fitting boot i've ever owned. Really shocked at the flex differences though!

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