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morning it is raining a lot I don’t know
if we can hear me or not but let’s start from the beginning
Olá YouTube my name is Ricardo Lino and I´m wheel addict and let me see if I
can show you I wanted to skate to the shop but right when I went outside it
really start raining a lot now it’s a little bit better but I don’t know if I
can I don’t know if I can go outside yet so I can show you my setup basically
what I’m trying to do here I wanted to make a test because I’ve said it before
I wanted to do the Berlin Marathon and I want to do a live feed on the Berlin
Marathon and because I want to do that live feed I wanted to make a few tests
I’m trying to use the microphone here and I have like a fisheye in front check
this as a fisheye in the front camera of the phone and then no lens in the back
here so I wanted to try it but if I if I start I need commit like I really need
to commit if I get if I start raining I might just go fully wet I got my
computer in my back but I got this raining jacket this rain jacket like a
snowboard jacket with me and the computer is underneath though hopefully
you’d want to get wet let me just see outside it and you look like it’s gonna
be blue in the back so I’m gonna risk it risky let’s see closing the gate let me tell you I’m sorry I think the
connection is not the best but I was just saying and let me tell you that the
power slide causes aren’t the best skates for the rain they have a little
hole underneath and my feet are completely wet already I didn’t skate
not even I would say not even one kilometer it’s gotta be hard for me to
stop show you our hand now with a fisheye so
I found this video by saying that the reason why I’m doing this and the reason
why I’m trying to skate even if it’s raining is I want to make a few tests
before the Berlin Marathon when I wear I want to do these live feed thing on
YouTube so this is just a test let me show you where I hand please there’s not that much traffic I’m
going back to the shop I’m going to the shop later today usually I should be
there like 2 hours ago but I’ve been working from home how am I going to stop
now it’s gonna be interesting let me try to show you when I tried to make a acid
stop not as if
this wedding you gotta going fast hey dude I am I wonder what these people might be
thinking because this is like what’s this guy doing with skates in the rain you know what I’m enjoying the only
problem is it’s getting really wet and the six chickens school if you guys have see it before right
before I started skating I’ve never seen it before you know that those little oh
it’s fast those little high both rocks whatever it was raining just like that
oh and the water is high here see man you got no idea the road is quite smooth
but there’s parts with water like it’s not this is not my brightest idea ever I
admit but like I said I wanted to try it so I wanted to try to make this
live-feed thing anyway I’m gonna stop now in the traffic light I might be able
to I might be able to answer some comments now typical IDs here something funny so something’s funny
about South Africa in South Africa traffic lights aren’t cold traffic light check these I’m gonna be a web now I’m
gonna go wet now so in South Africa the traffic lights are cold robots so this
is a robot hello morning I’m going slow I’m going
slow yeah I waited for the end here they have you rain stop thank you
I think she’s right when she said that she this is dangerous so don’t do this
at home and especially without a helmet hi Damien morning for most of these guys
look that’s much morning anymore it’s just like it’s almost 12 and I shouldn’t be going
to work at 12 but I have been working from home and that’s why I got my
computer I don’t have that big of a back it’s just my bag is inside my my bag is
inside my jacket also I think it was in yesterday’s video two days ago two days
ago I said I was trying to use a lapel mic and that’s what I’m using now I’m
using this road mic on on my iPhone tonight phone seven and in the front who
almost fell and in the front here I got a fish that’s Cape Town
just like one of the most beautiful cities in the world if you look down the
mountain it’s like the city center you can see it there and this is it like an
industrial area and this industrial area is there my shop is so I’m going to the
shop which is also what I have the studio inside by the way how did you
guys know about this video I have no idea did you got an email saying that I
was live or was it just randomly when you pop up when you pop it on YouTube
just say this hi have no idea yes who was it yes I’m using the the wicked
rain proof bearings the rustic they’re not rain proof these bearings are using
here let me try to show you I am using the wicked rust-proof
bearings which means that I still need to clean them because there will be a
lot of dirt that turns into mud when it’s wet but this truck give me a shower
but there won’t be rusty bearings for me I’m sure yeah let me see if these guys
give me a shower too you see these cars coming the truck that
just came before gave me a shower I don’t know if you can see my glasses but
they like I like all those things that the cars are I wish I had some of those
to clean my glasses now I have no idea what’s happening here a thief then the shower coming chicken noodles wants to shout out yes
chicken noodle thank you so much for watching these lines shout out the
chicken noodles kind of wait for me to kind of wait although I’m in the road
now full concentration it’s kind of watch hard for me to skate and at the
same time try to read the comments I’m sorry I can’t really reply back harder
than talking so but please let me know if cars behind me not safe at all let me
know if you can hear me okay I have no idea I am lucky now I really am lucky because
before before I started it was like dropper raining he this just have no
idea this was it was like so the story is I tried to start these like five
minutes before and then these people look at me like who this crazy guy
what’s he doing and then I tell him that subscribe me subscribe me on my youtube
channel so I was trying to start these five minutes before but then the
connection was four and then I had to go back to my garage and try to start this
video all over again which I’m quite happy because if I
started five minutes before I wouldn’t be this dry it was heavy rain okay like
I said before this is like an industrial area and this is I’ve done a few videos
about it this is where my shop is sorry about the rain sorry about our wet it is
on the lens just can’t avoid it okay that’s it see this red skatepark
outside there’s some offices like Skullcandy and some more brands they
have their offices here and Here I am so I’m about to end this video right now
with me having a coffee so I hope you enjoyed this one let me know if the
sound was working good or not because I want to do these in the Berlin Marathon
and it’s going to be a lot longer so if it did work let me know if he didn’t
work also let me know and if you’re not subscribe to the channel which I doubt
right now just do it cheers guys hope to see you soon


  1. Your videos always make me want to keep skating, getting better and having fun with it. I started a couple of months ago on quads now planning to try inlines. Great content!

  2. dont care about the video quality… its a live streaming from a phone, so too many things are not under your control. audio is good (y)

  3. Robots LOL, When I visited SA (before SAT NAV) and asked people directions they'd say go down the road until you see the Robot – I was expecting to see R2D2 or Metal Mickey. I was like "Where's this F**kin robot everyones talking about". Ended up in Libya.

  4. Yeah audio quality is good, not sure about video quality because my internet connection isn't so good, and youtube dials down the video quality to suit the bandwidth.
    Like, I always upload HD video, but I might not be able to watch them in HD if my connection sucks, it'll be 720p or 480p, or lower even if it's really bad. Nice video man, wow that's pretty wet.. It's been wet here too, didn't skate much.
    By the way, "To set your video defaults:
    Sign in to your YouTube account.
    In the top right, select your account icon > Creator Studio.
    In the menu on the left, select Channel > Upload defaults.
    Choose your default settings. Click Save."
    Once you have HD set as default it will always upload in HD.
    Happy rolling Lino! Be cool to see you doing the marathon, looking forward to it.

  5. In a rainy day like this, here in Sao Paulo, there would be a "infinite" car traffic … several hours to arrive in work from home … the streets are so empty where you are riding … nice place to skate….

  6. Audio is good… And mobil connection in berlin can be expected good.. LTE, But at event like Marathon… Too many people==smartphones are using same mobil antennas/cells… Good luck..

  7. The audio is great considering all the variables Lino. I'm sure we can forgive the video when live streaming. As for tests, I think that is part of what makes skating fun, testing! Try to go faster, try to skate backwards, try to go from A to B in the most balanced manner. I love that part of skating, aiming just that bit higher from yesterday to see if you've grown. Test these da us come to me in the form of leaving the ground entirely. Still a bit scared but now I'm more competent in the balance aspect needed to jump properly. Soon….so very soon Lino, I will land that first grind or grab. I can see it in the horizon, just out of reach. Thanks for making this milestone attainable Lino.

  8. Cool video :-). Just will oppose you in the "Don't try this at home" point πŸ˜€
    Here's what I found out to be best "waterproofing" for ordinary bearings:
    1) Open cover on one side
    2) Clean bearings as you're used to
    3) Pack with lots of grease with a micro screwdriver/toothpick/any other thing small enough to reach between the balls. it can be even hard grease that doesn't allow much free spin; Pack-rotate-repeat few times, scrape excess grease over the edge of bearing
    4) lube with oil over the grease. Few drops-rotate-repeat. Oil gets into places where grease doesn't reach and allows a nice spin of the bearings
    5) Complete wheels with open sides facing inside the wheels
    The grease kind of seals the wheel/bearing, partially gets out upon heating the bearing on a ride and prevents the water from getting inside in greater amounts. Even after a heavy rain skating the bearings are not stuck with rust/dirt.
    For sure, this is suitable for ordinary people skating, not for speed skaters πŸ˜€

  9. you'r talking about hail haha, dude two days ago i decided to skate on my new wheels. was on a bridge sover a river at my place and it started stooorming!!! wind, hail, rain. had sweat and dirt in my eyes, couldnt see anything. and the wind was blowing me around

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