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Olá youtube my name is Ricardo Lino
and I’m a wheel addict this is Jaylin and Janice so so a few
months ago a friend of mine from Cape Town he gave me a pair of skates and
death pair of skates he gave me the old skates and those kids were my we’re the
first escapes that I ever used to learn proper tricks and those kids are the k2
fattie so before these I had a few different
skates obviously but for tricks I had some rocky streets and some other skates
but it was with this kid that I’ve learned most of the tricks like how to
backslide unities most of the tricks that I’ve learned that some of them I
still do nowadays was with these I’m quite excited to try them like a few
years later so what I did is because these are like from I would say late 90s
I try to dress up a little bit more like the late 90s that’s why I got this B and
the white jacket and basically the widest pants that I got which are not
really that wide I’m gonna try to show you some tricks it
is on my new lamp that you haven’t seen yet I’m gonna try to make a big entrance
in my rep so happy simple flow and you’re weaving
without just like this homeboy you make the music moving on from this bar where
I’m standing in the place where I am sup guys need to get the right for the
are being a more it’s a daily automation John Koster 126 it when you try the shop
a demo best of luck in their endeavors to live in the flow forever whatever the
times would ever salmon when the never people in the middle but any drop
centuries later hit the planet stop with already a pop underground culture
evolving solving the donut to put the pump in hand punch arrives in archives
by those Shin home Jedi for the tea that the rebellion trustees industry empires
reading in the res disease of the squeeze castration attempts for victim
the soul from the self think well the contradiction so I admit I’ve kind of like a lot of
blends of things I wanted to do in the mini ramp and even in the rail behind me
but it didn’t really work the way I want it the skate
they are like too small for me fast 42 I feel like my nails sitting in front I
might need to cut my nails other than that I think I’m gonna use the dremel
shave the front of it and then I’ll make a part 2 of this video mainly with rails
because that was the main advantage of these kids doing some back slides and
unities and stuff and I’m going to do a part two of these videos so you know
what subscribe to the channel and you’ll see the part two of this if you like
this video give me some thumbs up if you didn’t like it give me thumbs down but
don’t give me thumbs down because didn’t do rails it’s really sore it’s really
hurting me other than that just don’t forget why we all started skating
because it’s fun cheers guys excuse me


  1. Epic entrance? Check! 90s look? Check! Impressing me as always? Double check! I personally tend to use really old jeans (which are unusually baggy for today’s fashion) as they are comfy and allow a good degree of movement while still being able to protect me as my first layer of defence on a spill. The ramp looks sweet now. Will you be painting it or varnishing it? As for my first pair of skates, I can’t consider the pair I had when I was 11 them but I think if I kept it up since then, I’d cherish them all the same as I do my current V13’s

  2. I just put 110 indoor race wheels on my skates for rink skating, lets just say I was going a little over 20 mph, Also great video that entry was amazing!

  3. lino great video again!!!! when I was a kid , my first skates was a pair of oxigen argon 1.1 , but for a week I made an exchange with a friend for a pair of k2 fatty pro , I ever remember the k2 as the best brand of skates in the world , lightweight, flexibles and with a lot of style (the skull in the foot trapp it was amazing at that time ) but, at the same time , they was famous because they have a short time of life….is it true or is it an urban legend?

  4. Continua com o canal k é mt bom… acompanho todos os dias… e hoje cá pelo teu Portugal e dia de a dar de patins

  5. Had to click immediately when I saw this in among the new uploads 😄

    Videos I like the most from you are trick tutorials and skating videos like this one 😍

  6. I have the same fatties here at home size 44… so untill when we meet up again, they will be waiting for you… the plastic clips broke off tho

  7. Those were my first skates I learned the basics on as well. They were 3-4 sizes too big for me at the time but it worked. Thanks to my friends Eddie that got me into rolling at a late elementary/early middle School age with those. I'm 27 and still rolling. Wouldn't mind coming across another pair of those though. Nastalgia

  8. Beautiful family sir! OG K2 fatty was one of my first skate setups in 90s too so this awesome video is even better because I can (as many of us do) relate to that unique ride!

  9. Beautiful stuff.
    Been looking to get back into Skating after 20 years
    Always wanted some K2 so just ordered the 2017 Front street. Can't wait to try them

  10. Yessir, I so need to get some K2 Fatty’s, hey you could you do a video with the old school K2 Style point Bob’s?

  11. I have same skates, i think they are 95 models. Great skates, but i dont skate anymore. I have tried some K2 (2000 something models), and they were just shitty quality skates, nothing like 90s models were.

  12. Haha when I saw the beginning of the video, I thought it was from the 90's! I remember my jeans gathering around my shins/knees like that on my Fattys the same way…!

    Funny that you dressed from the 90's. Those Fattys do not look right with any of those fruity, super-skinny jeans anyway 🙂

    Thanks for the flashback haha.

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