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Sivert Bakken – Biathlon | YOG Athlete Profile

Sivert Bakken – Biathlon | YOG Athlete Profile

I’m 17 years old and am hoping to get to the Youth Olympics because I’m aiming to have a good season and to complete several good races
now at the start of the season. That should qualify me for the Youth Olympics. I do about 600 hours of training a year.
That’s 55 to 60 hours a month. Well normally I get up early and do a combined session of cross-country skiing and shooting and then school My training sessions focus a lot on stamina
and shooting precision, so a normal shooting exercise would be about
achieving a good stance and being prepared for the shooting situation, while stamina training is about skiing practice and being able to last the whole race. Well, obviously it could be an advantage for me
that I’m on my home turf. I know the tracks quite well and so I think that
could be an advantage, but even so a lot of other things would have to go my way before I could be said to have done well. For me, qualifying would mean a lot, it would be a sign that I’m succeeding at what I’m doing, I would be able to carry on doing what I’m doing.

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