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Sit Skiing Classification

Sit Skiing Classification

I had an injury whilst mountain biking
downhill and my back got compressed. The principle of classification in Para
alpine skiing and Para Nordic skiing is identicle but the two sports have a
sport specific classification system in place. The process of classification is
broken down into four stages: eligibility based on medical records, physical
assessment, technical assessment and observation in competition. Once they
have submitted medical records which show that they have an eligible
impairment that affects their legs, athletes are assessed by a panel of
classifiers. They test how limited the athletes activity is and decide in which
sport class the skier will compete. They also decide whether they need to be
classified again. Observe what’s happening when they do performing tests in the wheelchair and on the bench so when they try to make crunches we see if
they’re a muscle is helping with it we can palpate it with the fingers so we
notice then if there is some muscle working. At the same time you observe
what is working you see that he is very good to arms or very good shoulders and
if he tries to compensate with that it is also there’s no muscle working below
his lesion. We put them on the balance board as if they are sit skiing so they
can show how they are able to keep their balance when sitting on the board. In Para alpine skiing and Para Nordic skiing there are five sport classes for sit
skiers. Sit skiers within one class may have different impairments. In the final of the classification process some athletes are observed in competition. If the findings do not match the earlier assessments the athlete can be called
back in for re-evaluation. We have concluded in to LW 10 one class. Depending on the impairment type some athletes will be required to be
classified several times throughout their career. Some impairments change
over time and junior athletes may not have fully developed at the time of
their first classification. Once I am in a mono ski, I feel freedom. I feel I don’t even remember that I’m in a wheelchair. I just enjoy the mountain.

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