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Sina Candrian’s LAAX story

Sina Candrian’s LAAX story

The biggest goal is for sure to shred as
a grandmother just having fun each day I’m on the mountain that’s yeah that’s
the key of snowboarding. I started snowboarding because my dad
started it and I saw him riding down the hills and thought it’s a really nice
sport so my mom and I learned it together and then the love of
snowboarding began. We where really feeling it. So much fun! I grew up with my family in Flims and I
had the chance to go snowboarding every day or every kind of afternoon after
school or during the weekend days yeah I just had fun and was playing around all
the time in the snow. First I did some races so blue red blue going fast as possible down the hill and then as well I got to the jumps and then I started doing slopestyle and now I’m a slopestyle rider and big air rider. LAAX is just the best
place for me to live and being a professional snowboarder because
whenever I come back I know I can be here I have a good park to train or I
have my family year to just rest and have a good time getting focused for the
new competitions which are coming up for me training versus reading I always pick shredding because I don’t think about to like lear a new trick these days
it’s just like oh I want to go snowboarding oh I would like to do this
then I do this and I think it’s always come out really good just go natural and
it’s just snowboarding. I try to live environment-friendly
because I think it’s it’s important to our future to like protect the whole
planet. I never lost my passion because snowboarding is still my biggest hobby and I’m thankful for every day I can be on the mountain and share his passion and these feelings with my friends.

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