Shark Tales vlog 39 How to take a Restday

Good morning. Klaudia left me. Dont go! Dont go! Im here alone. But that’s ok. The weather isn’t very good. Im gonna take a day off. I’m going to recover because the upcoming days look good. I wanted to show you how I do it on a day off. We’re going to started with tea and green drink. Eggs for breakfast I didn’t know it was so cold here in the winter time. Breakfast in a little nap and now… The weather looks slightly bit better. I’m going to go bike by the lake. And I’m ready to go here is my whip. This is my favorite view in Wanaka. Driving over the hill. From there. And you can see the mountains and the lake. Older I get more I enjoy the places that we go to. It’s not only about snowboarding… It’s all the other activities too. I enjoy it. Since it’s not nice up on the hill today. I am a bit tired It’s nice to do a recovery bike ride. And see something I haven’t seen yet. I can organize my time pretty good now. So I can snowboard and save my energy. And send it. It also enjoy my trip. It’s important because life is short. And New Zealand is specially beautiful. I don’t want to miss out on anything. I change my flight. I was supposed to go to Hawaii with Kayleen. Snowboarding is important though. I’m not going to be professional athletes forever. So I’m giving it the best I can. Everyone has left me so I got to go for coffee by myself. Last mission. Of my chill day. Sauna and Ice bath in the river! Its super cold! There… Its warming up.. its super hot in here! The pain goes away. But the first 20 seconds is the worst. I got one round let’s do the second one. It’s important to end on the cold water. So I’m not gonna go in anymore. I want my legs to be the most ready for tomorrow I have few Czech friends here in Wanaka. My friend Bravos and his girl Masha. They built tiny home. And they invited me for dinner. I can check it out. Czech community! Hi! Beautiful home you have. House on wheels. Lets see it. It won’t be too long. Coat closet. Whatever fits. Seasonal stuff storage. More storage. Stove. The kitchen I am the most proud of. My friend spent many hours on that. Its ready to go. Most work in the kitchen. Up here… And this is our bedroom. Its epic! Its haven!

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