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Shark Tales vlog 29 Life in my VAN

Shark Tales vlog 29 Life in my VAN

Ahoj světe! Vítejte u mě doma. Malý dům! Závěsy. A výhled na horu. Chill time Van life is my favorite! I will show you what I have here. This is my stack of supplements. MRM and Bulletproof. Coffee from Coffespot. Its the best! I will be making pancakes today! With my view! And you can watch. Im really excited about it. And after we go ride. Im so excited! Best thing about van life. I can park anywhere and have a view. I dont have to buy a big house. To have nice view. And now…. Look at that! I like healthy eating! And this pancake is gluten-free. Magnesium! Joint Synergy I will take that now. 2 days ago I had back pain. I drank lot of magnesium And added this as well. And I was gone the next day. i was quite surprised. I never tried that. And It worked! So recommended! What else I have here. Great for recovery. You van live fully in the van! This was breakfast with Šárka. And her van!

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  1. Ten tvůj způsob života mě fakt inspiroval. Si musím taky časem ušetřit na dodávku a aspoň o víkendech tripovat ?

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