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Shark Tales Vlog 28 SUMMER TRAINING 3 climbing sessions in one day

Shark Tales Vlog 28 SUMMER TRAINING 3 climbing sessions in one day

Oh sharp it made it and it makes me very happy oh we’re about to go crazy buckle up where are people climbing is there okay okay I like your tiny little setup you look super cute in your little chair that other van had like up a cap on top yeah yeah those are sick Cindy just snagged my yoga spot right I gotta keep up with my home look at this bitch driving to work and I’m stretching terrible wife care by the rock but at least I’m talking to that’s perfect because I really didn’t have time to talk to you actually honey that’s okay you know I can live with one day without talking to you I can one day one day I can survive gimme gimme the monkey could climb a crack you put a monkey at the bottom of this crack system that we’re gonna go climb and he put a banana at the top with the monkey naturally know how to jam do like a hand jam or a tail jam or if they’ll I wouldn’t tell at the bottom and go I don’t know how to do it with the monkey what would the monkey do shoes midgets yep yeah you don’t have your truck back you have your chocolate I do he dubs are gonna do a multi pitch called star check up 100 clients 100 in America yeah okay this is not America just sketchy maybe you go first and then I wait once you’re around and then I’ll go so I don’t hit you with a bunch of rocks just mellow of me dying cuz it’s tree climb up it maybe wasn’t maybe we were going the right way well we’re you know we’re getting near [Music] [Applause] [Music] thumbs up and then maybe swallow me yeah you pull on the rope blow me I’m on Oprah [Music] yeah we did it it was awesome huh we made it onto another machine gonna do a 11 d sport climb 8 personal food project number one a bikini so we’re gonna warm up at this crack and then we’re gonna get on some projects project is to work on the moves and then you will try to complete the route we’ll see how it goes it’s 11 D 11 draws go the hardest climb outdoor you’ve done yes okay breathe Cindy you could have rested okay my turn now [Music] she’s got one more clip to catch me is she gonna make I don’t know get it she’s got him she’s got an idea I guess she’s got an idea [Music] she just wanted to get what happened to Adam on dry wood Adam on her do this yeah would Adam underlord no for fun why is everyone wondering why are there losers and winners burgers to competitive you guys to competitive fun game yeah now we’re up to some tread climbing I check my check we checked it out so funny I am but that was our little guide here and he’s gonna go up this it’s a five nine looks it looks interesting a dream come true but it was pretty stellar just climbed a five nine but apparently there didn’t used to be five tens five nine was the hardest grade and so a lot of the five nines are sandbagged and this could possibly be a 10 it looks hard it doesn’t record like I’m gonna top it I feel like it’s what they were like it’s impossible to do a five ten the five nine is the hardest climb I know I think about that I was graduating 13d trad no no no that’s insane [Music] [Music] sport trad multi-page sport adventure whoa today how many hours do you think we put in eight I was up at like six we probably got there by like 10 12 hour day oh good dad work guys nope all choked up [Music]

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