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today’s the day I’m heading to a
conference centre and Auckland I’m gonna talk about marriage equality in Czech
Republic and I want to bring people the issue that we’re trying to deal with
there’s going to be 1,200 people they forgot to tell me that part Im Sarka Pancochova. Im from Czech republic. I’m Olympic snowboarder. I have been to 3 olympic games. I guess I’m going to be talking about something else then Olympic Games I am going to talk about. Marriage equality in Czech Republic That’s what I’m very passionate about. It’s a gay marriage equality I forgot to mention that. I’m going to start with A little bit of background about me. I started liking girls when I was like 18. And I got my first girlfriend when I was 21. You know we dated for a little while. I came out to my family and everything was fine. Like three years back. I have decided that I’m kinda over. I never really cared if people knew if I was gay or not. But I have decided that I’m going to publicly announce that I’m gay. I am only the second athletes that publicly in Czech Republic that came out. Before that was only Martina Navratilova. When I did that a lot of media started talking about it. A lot of people started reaching out to me. Either athletes or people from Czech Republic. Can you help me I don’t know how to deal with it. I felt obligated because I was the person that could help. In certain way. But so it was kind of scary. Coming out as a professional athlete. Back in the day he wasn’t like…. I was scared that I’m gonna lose my snowboard career. And all the brands are going to drop me. Those were my thoughts that kind a limited the way I was. But really when I did it nothing changed. I was like I should’ve done that way earlier. So I felt very obligated to help others and helping made me feel quite good! Fast forward I met my future wife fiancé. year ago. Or over a year ago. I never thought I’m going to find my future wife…. On Bumble but it happened. We are going on the first date. And it’s a triple date. And it’s a guy and me. Luckily she picked me. I think I was cuter or something. Me and her we just recently got Engaged. I thought about it…. dammit! We can get Married in America. We cannot get married in your own country. Which kind of sucks and we thought about it a little more. I made a video from the proposal. In the media took it again. We were all excited about it… How can we create awareness for this? So I made another video. And it was basically saying that we’re going to postpone our wedding. Until the law changes. Just the fact that I am from Czech Republic and she’s American. So we can easily get married in America. Just to take a stand and not to get married. It was creating more awareness. Guys we get engaged. Just as you saw. Now we have decided that we’re not going to get married until… There is gay marriage allowed in Czech Republic! We really didn’t have to do it right? We didn’t have to publicly Announce marriage. And also doing any of that stuff. I personally believe by Motto… “Be a good human.” I feel obligated. I am public figure from Czech Republic. People for me so I can help to create awareness. If somebody that didn’t have as much following we’re going to do it it might take them much longer. I have decided that this is the way we can do it. Only because it’s the right thing to do. I feel bad… Not bad I just feel for the people at home and friends. They can’t get married they don’t have the option. Because Czechs are dating Czechs. We have registered partners in Czech republic. Registered partnership is not really that epic. The worst thing is the kids…. Me and my fiancé we have a child. She is the biological parent and she dies. If the kid doesn’t have any close family. The kid goes into the foster child home. Instead of going to me when I am the closest person. And I can’t adopt the child because… Because of the law that I was in a homosexual relationship. Which I thought was ridiculous. This is wrong let’s do something about it. And then when you think about it… I love my girlfriend sorry fiancé It’s still kind of new I love my fiancé so much. She is better person than I am. She makes me a better person. I have this incredible connection with her. I can’t imagine that anybody would want to. Deny this connection! It’s not really about the marriage it’s more about the human connection. I am at home in this country. And I represent this country. At the Olympics Here is the flag and this is the country that you ride for. But you don’t even allow me to have family. You don’t allow me to get married to the person that I love. And by not allowing that. They basically saying that… They don’t allow the connection! That we have! Which I think is wrong. I think if we can create more public awareness. For this problem It’s going to get there much quicker. Also there’s a thing… I am representing you at the Olympics! Why are you make me feel like a second-class citizen? What is the reason for that? Why am I standing here? I am here to get any advice from you guys! Send any advice to IG @sarkasnow I would like to take it and apply it. We are here to create more same-sex marriage awareness. Just the fact that is Czech Republic. And America It’s not just the problem of my country. But it’s a global problem. And I want to bring awareness to. It’s important to talk about it. And it’s not just Czech Republic that has these problems. And the main goal is to be able to get married. So I’m only doing this so I can actually get married guys! Otherwise it is not gonna happen I think I’m OK. Thank you guys.

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