Scuba Diving with Sharks! Florida Keys Scuba Diving Adventure

Hey everyone! Ocean conservation and marine life expert
Jaclyn Friedlander here and this Friday I’m coming to you from underwater in the Florida
Key! Come with me on this scuba diving adventure
and let’s see what we find! There’s a midnight parrotfish! These fish are beautiful. Parrotfish eat algae, which helps the coral
reef and undigested pieces of coral are pooped out as sand. This cool animal is a scrawled filefish. It’s really docile but if a predator is in
the area it does have two switchblades. If it feels threatened or is in danger it
can and will defend itself. I’m doing great! How are you guys doing? Good? Excellent! Check out this ray! And this ray! And this one! We found a boxfish! More specifically a spotted trunkfish. This critter is omnivorous, which means it
needs to eat both meat and plants! Its favorite snacks include algea, sea cucumbers,
marine plants and urchins. So this urchin better watch out! What else can we find? (school of fish swim by, cut to me pointing)
Gasp! A nurse shark just hanging out in this nook! Now you can say you’ve been diving with sharks! These sharks are pretty harmless. They are interested in eating stuff like,
shellfish, shrimp and squid. If we swim away quietly, I’ll bet this nurse
shark won’t even know we were here! Tarpon! And there is a grouper hanging out by some
brain coral! Oh my goodness! We just found the Christ of the Abyss statue! There are three of these bronze statues cast
from the same mold, all submerged under the surface of the ocean in different parts of
the world. This is flamingo tongue snail hanging out
on fan coral. The cool thing about these snails is that
the pattern we are looking at is part of the snail’s body wrapped around it’s plain white
shell. Nature is so cool! What a great dive everyone! If you have a topic idea for a video you want
to see on this channel, leave your suggestion in the comments section below. Don’t forget to click subscribe! See you next Friends with Fins Friday. Thanks for watching.

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