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Scuba Diving with SHARKS!! Bassas Da India – Sailing SV Delos Ep. 100

Scuba Diving with SHARKS!! Bassas Da India – Sailing SV Delos Ep. 100

[MUSIC – ONETOX, “RAMUKANJI”] Previously on Delos,
we explored some of Madagascar’s
amazing wildlife, check out a sweet waterfall,
and won first place in the Nosey Be Regatta. [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] Can’t believe we’re
leaving Nosey Be! Yeah, man. Awesome place, man. I’m going to miss it so much. OK, I’ll see you
in South Africa! Have a good trip! [MUSIC PLAYING] Think South Africa’s
going to be? Really interesting
sail coming up, too. It’s not just you’re typical
get in the trade winds and go. It’s a lot of currents– A lot of variables. We’re kind of, like, the very
north-west tip of Madagascar. And we want to get to the first
port in South Africa, which is Richard’s Bay. And there’s basically two
options that you have. So we’re trying to figure
out which route is best. The cool thing for us
about the Southern routes is right about in here
is a little place called Bassas da India, which is
just this tiny, little lagoon. No land, but it’s just in
the middle of the Mozambique Channel. And if the weather is
calm, apparently it’s supposed to be awesome,
incredible snorkeling and diving stuff. We’ve heard legends
of Bassas da India, stories of massive sharks,
and incredible diving. It’s an old underwater
volcano, right in the middle of the Mozambique Channel. To be able to stop here
and dive would definitely make this whole passage– if
the weather was good, of course. We’ve decided to stick with
that– to stick with closer to the coast of Madagascar. [MUSIC PLAYING] So it’s 11 o’clock
in the morning, and we’re having this
great downwind sail, which is pretty exciting. I didn’t think we were going
to have any downwind sailing on this trip, so life is good. The vanilla drying even
more, so we can probably soak it in our rum soon. Yeah, it’s cruising along
for like five knots. 14 knots of grease
from the back. And the sun is shining. [MUSIC PLAYING] So, well, I’m
keeping a watch out. Think Brady is cooking up a
feast of lunch downstairs. Well, I’m making
some split-pea soup. So we have like
200 cans of peas. [MUSIC PLAYING] I have no fucking
idea what it is. It’s tripping me out. For the past few minutes, we’ve
been sailing through something I’d never seen before. The ocean was filled with a
half-meter wide blue blinking circles. And they were moving, too–
not quite as fast as Delos– but still moving. Shame the light
wasn’t good enough for the camera to see it. We had no idea
what this could be. We guessed everything from
bioluminescent jellyfish, deep-sea squid, or some
unknown alien creature. So if there are any marine
biologists out there, we have never seen
anything like this before. They’re moving. Yeah, they’re moving. Yeah. And they’re like maybe
a half of a meter– glowing circles just blinking. What can this be? Like are not Just
tripping at that. This was our first night out,
let me show you where we’re at. Pretty soon we’re going to
start our turn headed south. So, it’s 4 o’clock
in the morning. I’m actually really,
really tired. So I always start every
morning with a nice fresh, cup of Delos kombucha. Sea-hab– cleanse the liver. Kombucha instead of rum. Yeah. [MUSIC – RYAN KIDWELL, “STEPPING
OUT] I’m moving up. I’m stepping out
of my comfort zone. I’m moving on with– So, this is something
we do a lot on passage– is we get on this
weather net stat. Kind of a group of cruisers get
together and talk over the SSB, just to give
position and safety. And it’s the first time
we’ve done it in a long time. But it’s really
cool, because all of the boats heading
to South Africa left Madagascar at
about the same time. See, you get to keep
up with the progress, and everybody is taking
different routes. This is another boat
that’s on the Mozambique side of the current. And they just– they’re
hitting southwestern, they’re hitting that
front that’s coming up. And they just got a
tear in their main. Sounds like the second
tear of the passage. Fuck. 1: 00 in the morning. I’ve been listening to
Richard Branson’s book– his autobiography,
Losing My Virginity. Such a crazy, inspiring
dude– taking hot-air balloons all the way
around the world. He makes sailing
around the world look like fucking nothing. Sleep all right? Yeah, I was just really
deep asleep– like dreaming and then [INAUDIBLE]. I was– I went to
make a cup of coffee, and I must have clicked standby. Check this out– Good thing
we’re not near anything. [LAUGHTER] You just might’ve been so tired. Yeah, I must’ve
just hit standby, and the boat automatically just
started turning in a circle. 4: 00 AM. What’s going on? Nothing has changed. So, not much. Usually, when I come on
watch the first few minutes, I just sit here, zone out for a
while, try to get my bearings, check the course– radar–
make sure we’re not going to hit anything. Then I go make myself
a nice cup of coffee. I also decided to give myself
a little 4:00 AM snack. So, now it’s time to sit,
chill, and enjoy this. And this is why I love doing
the 4:00-7:00 watch so much. 7 o’clock in the morning. It’s kind of
frustrating, because we haven’t done any– we’ve done a
hundred miles of– no– I don’t even know how to speak. I’m tired. It’s 7 o’clock in the
morning, I had a shit night, I had to tack a bunch. I come out here, and I
stand and have a look out, and I see two
fucking shark fins. Never seen that’ before. So bummed I didn’t grab
the camera fast enough. Getting further south for sure. How was your sleeping? [GRUNTING] Where is our wind? We have no wind. It’s flat. It’s hot. [GROANING] Sails are useless now. And it’s shower time. Perfect conditions
for an outdoor bath. It’s 12:06, and
we got some wind! Jib coming out! [MUSIC PLAYING] I got tired of reading, though. So I decided to listen
to my phone for a while. It’s sometime in the
afternoon– probably sometime around dinnertime. So I’m cooking dinner. I have some diced, grilled–
lightly grilled zebu filet. Beautiful sunset, huh? Pretty sweet, huh? Oh! Set up the table? It’s zebu filet medallions. Yum! Real good, brother. So I just downloaded the
weather, again, for today. Because we need to
have less than 10 knots wind if we’re going to stop
here in Bassas da India. So it looks pretty good, here. No wind. The only problem is right now
we’re about 22 miles away. So that puts us in
right at sundown. Say we get to within
eight miles and heave to. So I think we’re
doing pretty good. Our speed is 0.5
knots to 0.7 knots, so we’re not really
going anywhere. So we’re 15 miles from the reef. So, no matter what happens,
we shouldn’t have to reef, but we’ll keep a watch
out for it tonight. So, time to chill. All as well. [MUSIC PLAYING] After a pretty roll-y
shitty night hove to, the sun is finally coming up. And light should be
good enough to be able to see the reef
once we get close. So hopefully it will stay calm,
and we’ll go do some diving. So we just [INAUDIBLE] in the
[? Genoa. ?] And we’re here. So it’s fantastic. We’re going to motor
a right towards where we see the water breaking on the
reef, and see if we can anchor. Almost down to 15 now. What do you say, go for it? Yeah, go for it. OK, dropping. [MUSIC PLAYING] We have Africa and
Madagascar, and we’re just in the middle of the
Mozambique Channel. Not many people get to dive
here in Bassas da India. So I’m really stoked. See you in 40 minutes. Here we go! [MUSIC PLAYING] [LAUGHING] Ah, that’s a bit scary. OK, I didn’t get the
camera out fast enough. But the fender that we have
floating behind the boat just got [MUTED]-ing
attacked by a shark. That really scared me, in a way. It really went up– it
was like– probably three meters long. I couldn’t see what
it was, but yeah. I just hope the guys are OK. [SCREAMING UNDERWATER] [MUSIC PLAYING] [CHEERING] What the fuck! [SCREAMING] Brady was over
there, and I look up. And I lost my shit,
because there’s a massive school of
hammerheads swimming over us. And I was like, ah! I’ve never, ever fucking
seen that before. It was amazing. So many sharks! Shark, shark, shark, shark! And then I sit here,
minding my own business, a shark attacking there! [LAUGHING] So what’s the plan? Going to do it this side. And I’ll have a safety
sausage on the end of 40 meters of fishing line. That way Brian can
follow us in the boat. Sounds like a foolproof plan. This is one of the things
I love about diving– that nervous excited feeling
that fills your whole body, as you’re about to take
that last step off the boat into the dark blue ocean. But as soon as you
take that first breath, descending into this new world,
everything just melts away. And your present
right here, right now. [MUSIC PLAYING] How was that? It was sweet, man. It was a really nice drift. Just having the boat–
I could see you guys the whole time– see your
bubbles the whole time. And the sausage I just
did circles around you. Did you almost run
over the sausage? Yeah. I got pretty close one time. Yeah, because I heard
[WHIRRING NOISE] I was like, oh, fuck! Yeah, I had to put it in
reverse and reverse away. So we’ve motored the
other side of the atoll. And it’s a lot calmer
over here, except there is like a big, southerly or
southeasterly swell, so there are waves breaking on
the reef on this side. But the boat’s a
lot more stable. So, me and the Braids are going
to go in for one last dive this afternoon, pop
down, and check it out. The boys just went down. I can still see their bubbles. But right as they jumped in
there was a big shark that came up and shook them out. It’s a bit freaky. I think it was just a white
tip, so we should be OK. [SCUBA BREATHING] [MUSIC PLAYING] [BUBBLES] [SCUBA BREATHING] There’s absolutely nothing
like the experience of diving into the open ocean with sharks. It’s exhilarating and
humbling at the same time. They’re just so
powerful and graceful. Complete masters
of their domain. Bassas da India is
really isolated, with hundreds of miles
of open ocean separating from mainland Africa
and Madagascar. The sharks here rarely,
if ever, see divers. Over the years, we’ve
dove with lots of sharks– enough to recognize
their behavior. And these guys were
nothing more than curious. So we just hung
out on the bottom, and let them circle
us– not making any sudden or
threatening movements. [BUBBLES] [SCUBA BREATHING] [MUSIC PLAYING] After a while they became
bored and wandered off. Just in time for us to ascend
to Delos and do our safety stop. Holy shit! [LAUGHING] That was a cool dive! Massive grace. About six or 10 white tips. It’s a little bit more
visibility here, isn’t it? I popped a blood
vessel in my nose. Oh, no. Yeah, that was a
very successful stop. Random place in the middle
of the Mozambique Channel. Filled with fucking sharks. Hey, grouper. [ANCHOR REELING] Whoa, look at that guy. Later, sharkies. What do you say we
head for South Africa? Yeah. Off to Richard’s Bay, huh? Good plan, huh? Africa! [SINGING] He keeps trying to land
on top of Buddha’s head. [LAUGHING] He’s found a place. Finally. He picked the worst place ever. Why not land on the
solar panel, you douche. Aw, poor dude. Is that better? Yeah. That’s pretty good. He seems pretty happy. So it’s 7 o’clock
in the morning. So the wind has come up
to about 25 apparent, and big waves are
forming and stuff, so it’s not as
comfortable at all. But that’s the ocean, huh? Brady is double-checking
the weather and seeing that nothing has
come up– like nothing crazy. So it’s showing we’re
just on the edge. Just on the edge of this massive
system that’s coming across– [BOAT SLAMMING] Oh! Coming across the bottom
of South Africa now. And it’s spinning this way. And it’s creating these
southeasterlies for us up here. So, hopefully within
the next 24 hours, it should start to
lighten up a bit and tend a bit more
out of the east. [MUSIC PLAYING] [CREAKING] Too much slamming after
Brady’s cabin time– [LAUGHTER] Lay on the floor, huh? Yeah, then I get launched–
like– two meters in the air and then slammed back down. So it’s about 6
o’clock in the morning. It looks like we have
about a little bit more than one day left, so
we should be there tomorrow, I guess, which is very exciting. Now I’m going to have a cup
of tea, because it’s freezing. We’re sitting with
blankets and jackets here. So strange. We traveled over 1,500
nautical miles south. And as we left the tropics
for the colder waters of South Africa, the change was huge. And I actually felt
pretty cold– something I hadn’t felt in years. How’s it going? Good morning! It’s going fantastic. It’s a bit more
comfortable than yesterday. That’s for sure. The wind back to a
little bit to the east and dropped to like 15 knots. So we’ve got full sail out. We’re doing between six knots
and eight knots all the time. Beautiful day. [MUSIC PLAYING] Rum for our last sundown-er at
sea for this beautiful passage. Isn’t that crazy? Tomorrow we’ll be on
the continent of Africa. What the fuck! That is crazy. [MUSIC PLAYING] Well, it’s the last night of
our passage to Richard’s Bay, and I got to say it’s actually
been one of my favorites. We had really good weather, and
the sailing, for most of it, was just beautiful–
no squalls at all and I’m actually a little
bit sad to have it end. It’s just been so chill. But South Africa is
only like 60 miles away now, so we should be there
tomorrow– maybe just before noon. And we’re really looking
forward to that as well. I think it’s got a lot of
cool things to offer for us. Good night for now. See you in the morning. Sun is just coming up on our–
I don’t know– 11th or 10th day at sea. And we got a sight of land. Africa! Yeah, it’s a beautiful morning. Full breach. He came out all the
way out of the water. See the big splash over there? Yeah. Woo! Did you see that, Bri? How awesome was that? That was cool. Welcome to South Africa. Breaching humpbacks. Next stop on Delos, we
shake into South Africa, see some African wildlife,
and get hit by 50-knot winds. [WIND BLOWING] [LAUGHTER] First thing in the morning. [LAUGHTER] That’s a wrap! [LAUGHTER] [MUSIC PLAYING] Like it? I like it a lot! Mum beans! You’re a mum bean. Garlic mum bean. Mum-umbilical. Mum-bean– [LAUGHTER] Headphones are way
too big for it. [LAUGHTER] He even looks like you. Does he? OK!

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    can't say that. That's not a language?" No, he just hugs his daddy's
    neck and prattles away.

  34. great vibes, great music, loved the diving sequences – amazing and great to dispel the shark myths… loving all these vid's.

  35. your going towards the sunset at night , then towards the sunrise in the morning…. you guys are bull shit

  36. I'm slowly catching up. Should be up to date by the end of September at the latest, I hope. Love your episodes. 🙂

  37. Have you guys considered full-face Scuba Masks? I know it burns more Oxygen, but would allow so much more commenting when diving?

  38. I'm so glad you guys are so aware of everything in your environment…. most people would have shot those groupers…and they are so beautiful and intelligent….

  39. How many coral heads did you destroy by anchoring there? Kinda hypocritical talking about conservation and not eating fish but ok to anchor not once, but TWICE! on coral heads and stepping on coral 18:45. SMH.

  40. You guys need those water bottles with fans lol. If I didn't get so sick at sea I would provide food and cook for you all in exchange for you taking me sailing. I'm an awesome cook. I used to get sea sick but that was 25 years ago. Maybe I wont now.

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