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Scuba Diving With Sharks And Mantas Remote Cocos Keeling!- Sailing SV Delos Ep. 81

Scuba Diving With Sharks And Mantas Remote Cocos Keeling!- Sailing SV Delos Ep. 81

[MUSIC PLAYING] Previously on Delos, we
have some pretty rough days before arriving at
de Cocos Keeling where we find ourselves
anchored in cruiser’s paradise. We also become friends with
one of the local Aussies that call this
[? a Tull ?] home. What’s up, [? Raidster? ?] We were under– our
friends are here, man. We have friends. We have friends. We have come over for
a day on [INAUDIBLE]. We have come over for a day. We’re going to have a
barbecue on the beach. One of the side effects
of long term cruising is constantly being away
from family and friends. Of course we’re all
super close on Delos. But it’s nice to have normal
friends from the outside world from time to time. Rick and his family
fit the bill. So with our new friends
and their little ones, we headed to the beach
for a true Aussie barby. They don’t smell bad. Wait, why would the
burgers smell bad? Well, the beef wasn’t the
best quality to begin with. And when Brian was making
them, he accidentally used some rotten eggs. I’m excited. They look good. Really? What do you think, Rick? Yeah. You’re doing all right. I think it’s bad [INAUDIBLE]. Bunch of foreigners
having a crack at a barby, not going too bad, really. It’s not good? Let you fail first. That’s just rude. Mate. Should I stop doing
what I’m doing? No. You’re doing [? a cracker. ?] They’re looking juicy, mate. That would be the water from
cleaning off the bad egg. So they’re made with freezer,
frozen frostbite beef with a couple bad eggs. Yep. Pretty much. And this one is going to have a
bit [INAUDIBLE] from the barby. I think they’ll be delicious. Fantastic. I wish I was a kid
growing up here. The first time we failed
at making a beach fire and cooking on it. I don’t know what happened. We just didn’t plan
well today for anything. But luckily– [CHILD TALKING] –we got a gas grill here. And Babs has taken over. Yeah, Babs. [INAUDIBLE] And did any of
these dirty sailors care about their rotten
eggs or old beef? Oh, yeah. I haven’t had lettuce
in six months. How does it taste? Wow. So good. Did you put chips
in your burger? So good. Not only did they taste good,
but none of us got sick either. Bonus. As the day went on,
we started talking about the underwater paradise
that surrounds Cocos Keeling. It turns out that Rick
was a dive instructor off the coast of Australia before
moving here and becoming a family man. It wasn’t long
before we were all piling into Rick’s boat for our
first dive in Cocos Keeling. So this is the drop footage
the other day when we flew it. And when it pans around,
and it pans around here, it looks like there’s
a big patch of coral in this deep part right here. Oh. Where were we swimming
at, [INAUDIBLE]? You guys were off that
red marker, right? Yeah. So you were right here. Because we swam out there. And it was sand, sand, sand. And then we were like,
fuck this, came back, and swam this whole ridge there. So I’m thinking we can anchor
the dingy in shallow sand here, and then swim down that slope,
which would be probably cool. It will be a nice sand
slope down to this. Do you think that’s
cold or do you think that’s just deeper water? I don’t know. We’ll go check it out. Diving in remote locations
can be pretty tough at times. Aside from repairing
all the gear and making sure the compressor,
tanks, and dingy are in working order, you have to
find dive sites on your own a lot of the time. I don’t think there’s going
to be any current or anything. So we’ll just check
it out, and then swim back up the slope
for safety stop, and– Taking into consideration
currents, depths, and safety. But sometimes even
with all the effort, our dives don’t
turn out so well. The drone has really
been a game changer when it comes to scoping out
the good spots to explore. So it has been really
nice of Rick and Joe to let us go and stay
over at their house while they’re away on holiday
and [INAUDIBLE] for 10 days. But it’s not an easy task. We have to think about– OK. Well, now we’ve got internet. We’re going to have
all this space. What are we going to need to do? And what do we have to bring? And so [? given ?] peoples shit. And we’ve got fuel
drags and stuff as well. So it was a bit of a bumpy
ride over in the dingy. So everything got a bit soaked. So it was a bit of a mission. So that everywhere, leaving
Delos, anchored alone, and hopping on a ferry
to stay someplace where there’s big
beds that don’t move and a house that’s not held in
place by an anchor or chain. You look so ridiculous. Car’s unlocked. Although we brought
a lot of shit, I’m not sure we
put enough thought into what to bring to eat. Pickles. [INAUDIBLE] Royal stout. Can of tomatoes paste. Two cans of mushrooms. It’s so cool just being
able to go to the store and buy a few things
knowing that you don’t have to wait six months to restock. So we’ve got stuff to
do a Mexican feast. We’ve got cheese, we
even got sour cream. We got beer, real beer. We got Pure Blonde. Oh. [LAUGHTER] We got mince, we’ve
got chicken, we’ve got salt and vinegar chips,
tortillas, and eggs, bacon. And what do you think
seven dirty sailors did when given a
house for a week? Delos crew has set up camp,
stripped to her bra and undies. That’s what’s going on. I’m going to to take a
long, hot shower where you don’t have to worry
about running out of water. And of course we took
advantage of the hot showers and lots of space to
cook some amazing meals. We are making pizzas tonight. Bacon, broccoli,
cheese, cheese, cheese. This is a luxury meal for us. Yeah. It’s a feast. We are so, so excited. What do you think, [INAUDIBLE]? Do you think we should
turn them already? Look at this spread. Oh, yum. Oh, Mexican fiesta. We also found some very
odd land-based creatures. Look at that fucker. That is the biggest
cockroach I have ever seen. It was so big. It’s still alive. It was so big I had to trap. Look at his head. Look at that. I caught a rat. Oh, be careful with that. Other way. Yep. It’s not going to jump out. You want to keep
him on the boat? No. That’s disgusting. We could have a boat rat. He’s dying. He could be our pet. Boys will be boys. And of course, took advantage of
the unlimited power of internet to answer emails and get some
Delos vids edited and uploaded. Working on the video. Code. Html. We’re about to have a podcast
session with Trisha [? Leech ?] from Keep Your Day Dream. She’s just connecting,
calling us now. Well, cheers
[INAUDIBLE] to that. [INAUDIBLE] hear a little
bit about you [INAUDIBLE]. And just like a normal family,
we played in the front yard. So I’m trying to
create a cool game. And it’s a Swedish game we
usually play in the summers. Yeah. This is the original
Swedish summer game. If you ask any Swede– The official? Yeah. If anybody wants to– if
you ask a Swede if they want to play [? Coop ?],
everyone would love ti, They love it. I love it. These are our throwing sticks. Over here is the king. And that’s stuff we’re
going to throw down. And it’s going to be three
Swedes versus me, Brady, and Brian. And throw them on the
other team’s coconut. The team who gets down
all the other coconuts can then throw on the king. OK. The first one to get
the king down wins. If you get the king down
before that, you lose. OK. Of course, we had no
chance against the Swedes. As the week went
on, it seemed out bodies were telling us that
we didn’t belong on land and needed to be back
on the sea as some of us developed a bit of a land rash. It’s like [MAKES HISSING NOISE]. Ouch. Has it getting inflamed since? I don’t know. I don’t know if
it’s still killing the flesh around it or what. At least it’s not on your balls. Where is it, honestly? What are you guys doing? Is it that thing there? This rashy thing. It is something. My balls are really swollen. Oh, it’s all red there though. You can see that part
is red if you compare it to the other side. No, Bab. They’re real swollen. What the fuck? You know what? We should not do Google. No, definitely not Google. I’m sure it’s nothing. You know what I think it is? It could have started with
the [? muscle ?] bite. And you just scratched
and scratched. And with the humid– It’s inflamed and shit. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s probably a spider bite. What’s the prognosis, doc? I don’t know. I think it’s just some
sort of rash thing. And he’s just had a
shower, and cleaned it. And we found some pseudo
cream in the cabinet. What’s pseudo? It’s for nappy rash. [LAUGHTER] [INTERPOSING VOICES] You made him put clean pants on? Yeah. How did you do that? Well, the next day the
swelling went down. And all was good with
my boys downstairs. Nappy cream works wonders. Well, it’s been a good week,
and it’s gone by really fast. Drank a lot of beer,
did a lot of work, but time to go back
to our floating home. We have been here
a week, I think. And it’s been such a nice
week sleeping with the air condition, having showers,
eating delicious food, going for morning
walks on the beach, and collecting seashells. Before heading back home,
we had to clean any trace of our dirty sailor presence. All the water you need to clean. You don’t have to worry
about running the water maker to do dishes. Cleaning house. That wine, we’ll definitely
bring that with us. Yeah, bacon, and wine, and
that little piece of lettuce. I think this lettuce. I think all of it. Rik and Joe, thank you so
much for being such a GCs and letting some
random strangers from the internet crash
at your house for a bit. After heading home to Delus,
the first thing we did was get back in the ocean
for some more diving. Good morning. So with yesterday’s
dive we scoped out the darker patch that we
thought would be a good call, [INAUDIBLE]. But we snorkeled it and it
didn’t look too healthy. So we decided to go
around on the outside of the lagoon on the
other side of this island. And it was awesome,
one of the coolest dives I think I’ve ever done. But we went down. And we saw sharks
swimming back and forth, these big, gray shocks. And this huge manta ray
got three meters away from us just cruising along,
and then this massive turtle, and beautiful, healthy coral. So we’re going to
go do it again now. So let’s go. We surfed some
more drone footage and found what looked
like some coral on the outside of the lagoon. [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGHTER] Up next on Delos we
find an awesome spot for snorkeling known as The Rip. We also do a bit of spear
fishing to feed the family. I’ve got my cramp
today too, which– Oh, shit. Yeah. I felt your cramps this morning. –which means I might
be getting close to– –my red tyde. –my lunar cycle. My moon sickness. What’s your boyfriend doing? Look at him. [INAUDIBLE] That guy, he never
sits still and relax. Look at him. He’s got his knife [INAUDIBLE]. Yeah. He needs to do
something at all time. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] [INAUDIBLE] stout. Oh, it’s the worst
beer I’ve ever had. Stout’s good. I don’t know what he
was talking about. Yeah. I don’t know what he was
talking about either. I just put deodorant on
halfway through the day because it was starting
to smell like a burrito. We just got an email from Rik. And he sent us a
photo of a burrito. Rik’s toying with my heart. He sent us this picture of him
eating his burrito in Perth. Oh, [? right. ?] It’s got rice,
and lettuce, and black beans, and it’s shredded chicken. Maybe it’s pork. I don’t know yet. It’s guacamole. It’s pico de gallo. It’s all wrapped it stretchy
tortilla that’s probably been pressed and steamed. And we’ve got corn on
the side over here. [SLURPING NOISE] What does it taste like? Fuck. It’s spicy, it’s
salty, it’s savory. And look at the bread too. I think we should
shut the computer.

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