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Scuba diving with Lake Hickory scuba & Marina

Scuba diving with Lake Hickory scuba & Marina

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everything we’re doing hey Sam rice I’m in North Carolina right
now at Lake Hickory scuba marina where I’m gonna be working with Brian the
owner of this place to do a couple SSI classes this morning and then go diving
out of the quarry later today I’m gonna go hop in the classes right now and I’ll
see you right after alright guys me and Brian just finished
classes we’re heading over to quarry right now so I figured why we’re driving
I’ll have Brian tell you a little bit about Lake Hickory scuba and marina
alright Brian what’s up guys I’m Brian co-owner and lead instructor at Lake
Hickory scuba center or Lake Hickory scuba marina basically I co-own a dive
shop marina boat shop a salvage company and a water to company with my father
we’ve been doing this for many many years at least on the diving side some
cool things about our marina you know we’re typical marina we got a
131 boat slips you can dock your boat there but we’re unique we’ve actually
got a indoor ice cream parlor so bringing kids there in the summertime
it’s a great place to come but we’re also a dive shop and we do every aspect
to die but if you lose something in the lake we’ll go out and salvage it for you
if your boat seats we’ll get it up for you
of course we train divers all the time of course you guys know Sam we teach a
whole list of classes all the way from the beginner open water class all the
way up to the instructor course we do trips every single month somewhere some
are out of the country some are local within say a four hour ride and then of
course some are eight 10 12 hour rides away but we do everything diamond we
love this stuff I’ve been personally doing it since I was six years old that
was back in 1988 and I dive every single day so it’s it’s a passion of mine we’re
a typical marina that happens to be a dive shop a boat repair facility salvage
company and the tow company as well but take care all right guys I will also put
the link to all the Lake Hickory scuba Marina stuff in the description below
you guys should go check them out they’re an awesome family and an awesome
company and now we’ll see at the quarry hey guys so we just got here to the
quarry it’s a very beautiful day we’re about to go gear up and jump into the
water so come on with us hey guys I just got done diving at Lake
Norman quarry which is owned by PDR a which is an association which owns three
quarries here in North Carolina they are very awesome quarries to go
diving in they have planes boats cars buses all
kind of stuff for you to see plus training platforms plus the facilities
and quarries are beautiful if you guys are interested in joining them I will
put a link to all their information in the description below also remember to
go check out Lake Hickory scuba and marina Brian and his family are awesome
people and it’s a great family run business there’s a ton of stuff you guys
to do there and I also have to tell you I have been doing a ton of SSI diving
classes and Brian is probably one of the best instructors I have ever had so if
you’re interested in scuba diving classes also check those out as well
I’ll put a link to all their information in the description below and until next
time remember to dream big think bigger and always be you love you guys and I’ll
see you next time bye one more quick thing make sure you head over to youtube
and check out Lake Hickory scuba and marinas youtube page they do a lot of
cool videos on scuba diving and also make sure you subscribe

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  1. Thank You Sam for the awesome video. You are more than welcome to come visit anytime and go diving with us. Next time you are in the area, I will have the wife make one of her awesome meals for you and your family. God Bless brother.

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