Scuba Diving Tips: Caribbean Fish Identification : How to Identify Banded Butterflyfish

The fish that we are going to identify now
is the Banded Butterflyfish. The Banded Butterflyfish is one of the five species of butterflyfish
that you most commonly see in the tropical waters around the U.S. and the Caribbean.
Banded Butterflyfish are generally shallow water fish, rarely venturing below sixty feet
of depth. Banded Butterflyfish reach a maximum size of six inches in length, but usually
are between three and five inches in length. Their bodies are disk shaped so they are not
nearly as tall as they are long. Banded Butterflyfish are bright white to almost silver in color
with black vertical bands over the body. The first one of these bands goes over the eye
which makes it difficult for predators to figure out which is the front and which is
the back of the Banded Butterflyfish. Banded Butterflyfish are usually seen in pairs and
generally these are bonded pairs, which means they stay together for very long periods of
time, perhaps even their entire lifetime. Banded Butterflyfish can be seen flitting
from coral head to coral head where they feed on coral polyps and other small animals. If
you remain stationary along their paths of travel Banded Butterflyfish will often pass
very closely by snorkelers and divers. That’s the Banded Butterflyfish.

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