Scuba Diving Lessons : How to Use a Dry Suit for Scuba Diving

So here’s how we actually use a dry suit in
scuba diving. One of the big advantages on a dry suit is
that you’re actually going to stay totally dry, and how you do that is, you actually
have a latex neck seal that actually seals against your skin. And what we can do is actually
add air from our scuba cylinder, using this valve here to actually inflate this dry suit.
Now, one of the areas that we have to deflate air out of is actually this left-hand corner
here, there’s a deflate button that we could use to…to vent air from the dry suit. Now,
one other thing that you have on a dry suit, is you might wear a dry suit boot. And that
boot would actually fit in this…with this neoprene sock. And, that’d keep your feet
protected when you’re actually using a dry suit. Now, under a dry suit, we actually use
thermal protection similar to, like, a snowmobile suit, and this actually allows us to stay
nice and warm. This one happens to be made out of polar fleece, and that fleece actually
keeps us warm underneath the dry suit.

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