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Scuba diving in UTILA Honduras (2019) Backpacking Central America

Scuba diving in UTILA Honduras (2019) Backpacking Central America

I just love the fact church is singing
‘happy birthday happy birthday to you !!’ Music We have got up bright and early, we’ve come down
to the Parrots Dive Centre which is who we’ve chosen to dive with on the island of Utila,
and they’ve got this wonderful cafe attached, called
Sean’s Cafe, so what a way to start the day, not with hot coffee but beautiful iced coffee, that tastes delicious and they’ve
even given us the blender because they couldn’t get it all in the cup, so we’ve
got a refill! Beautiful banana, pancakes and a little bit of syrup, to give you
that sugar rush for the morning! not that we need it!! Music I am Alfred, I’m born and raised here on
the Utila, spent my entire life here, and it’s important to us to make sure that
we protect the environment for everybody here, and I’ve really drive my staff, to try
to make sure that everybody leaves with of little flavour of the Island. Music As the owner of Parrots, we opened it in 2007 I previously worked for an instructor. I’m a 15 year instructor So I have been in the industry for a while. I had the opportunity of trading work for some diving. A friend of mine had a dive centre, one of the first dive centres on the island And we feel we have to give something back, what better way to do that than by showing off our beautiful island. Music Diving allowed me to use it a vessel to meet people from all over the world. For a local, it is sometimes hard to get those doors open. They were open for me, so I try to give that back. With BICA (Bay Islands Conservation Assoc) we recently did a joint project where we got some local kids certified to Open Water Level We help sponsor locals for instructor courses. So for this surface stop we have come
down to the Utila Cays which is a little island right next to Utila and we’re
going go and check out. Captain Larsen is going to show us
around the island, for about half an hour Music So we just walked past the breadfruit
tree which is apparently only found in the Caribbean, and I’ve never seen one
before so that’s really cool. so Larson was just explaining that most of the
buildings here on this island are privately owned, and they were all
hand-built, a fishing community and it’s absolutely beautiful to walk around, what
a nice place for a surface interval. Music So even on a deserted island next to the
island of Utila, Marianne is able to find chocolate cake and she got caught!!
he stole my cake!! Life does not get much better when you get incredible diving,
meet fabulous people, eat chocolate cake, and you have a flower in your hair! that
is called living people! Did you eat chocolate cake? No I didn’t ! why are your lips brown ? because I went out all day in the sun !! Music So the island here, is actually split in
two and it’s joined by a bridge that we’re just walking across now, and if you
want a beautiful house, how nice is that surrounded by water, it’s on its own
little bit of island absolutely beautiful. Music So this is Larsen, who is taking us out
for the day, and this is a beautiful island, It is it is, this is Utila Cays, and there’s another beautiful little island behind us here called
Diamond Cays, and that looks amazing. I think that’s like a bar on it ? I’m not
sure why but this house here is known as the house of colours, I’m not sure why
they call it that but, it looks amazingly colourful! So the main language spoken on
the island is English, it has its own stores, it has how many churches Larsen?
it’s got about four or five churches and it’s got its own clinic, and a morgue –
well there you go they got it all going on !! The morgue door! Oh !! Lawson’s got food, now it’s all like
Donkey Kong!! haha!! What you got ? We got some cinnamon rolls, some cinnamon buns!!
that is amazing they’re covered with a coating of sugar,
and is made on the island fresh, you feel it warm. I take it back, I love Larsen haha Music Was that some good diving or What ?? Yay Yay !! Whooooo !! So if you’re wondering how much it costs to dive here, at Parrots, they have a number
of different options – two dives is $60.00 six dives is a $162, and ten dives is $250. But there’s a bonus, so
with this package you also get free accommodation in their dorm style
accommodation that they have here. So for two dives you get one nights accommodation,
for six days you get three nights accommodation, and for ten dives you get
five nights accommodation, and if you want any additional nights on top of
these packages it’s only six dollars a night ! So when you’re choosing a dive
school, or a dive centre, it’s really nice to see that padi five-star, but it’s
also really nice to see that you’re able to join in a local dive centre that
gives back and is part of the community We have found a beautiful location for
some lovely home-cooked food. It’s called Mario’s, it’s like literally
next door to Parrots Dive shop, and what’s even more amazing is they have a little
viewing area to the water below that’s lit up! and you can see fish from where
we’re eating. Music We’re here in Central America and particularly on Utila, you don’t get chips and dips you get plantain chips. And they’re so good! they’re good, and a
little bit of ranch dressing, Larson might have got the dinner
of the day he’s got is it snapper? Snapper, have a look at this! Music So we have just seen the
red fruit tree, which is apparently – bread! Bread ! Oh see I’m deaf – Cut !! Marie got me a flower for my hair, because I am a princess !! And a
little bit of sugar to give you that – Cut !! Can you kiss with your dive mask on ? Lets try !! ha ha ha So has everybody enjoyed this episode of
the Larson show? Yay Yay Yay !!

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  3. I wouldn't mind learning to scuba dive there in utila looks like paradise. Glad that you finally made it and I having a wonderful time

  4. What a great way to celebrate. Another terrific video – always enjoy the laughs, smiles, and adventure. And the food! Amazing! Safe travels.

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