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Scuba Diving In Ponza, Italy and Exploring Pompeii Ruins

Scuba Diving In Ponza, Italy and Exploring Pompeii Ruins

The Romans were immature. Coming from Rome, we motored the short 39 nautical miles to the site of an extinct volcano where a portion of the caldera rim juts from the sea creating the island known as Ponza. The island being inhabited since the Neolithic, the town of Ponza and it’s economy are largely dependent on tourism, boat building and repair as well as fishing. We’re in Ponza, Italy! We’re going scuba diving for Dylan’s Birthday! And I can’t go because I’m not certified, but that’s fine! With a single day in the area, Jackson explores on foot while Tara and I board the dive boat where all of our gear has already been prepared. We head to the Isola Zannone accessible only by boat. It is part of the Circeo National Park and we are here to see what the life is like under the surface. We begin our descent and even though we were warned beforehand that the marine life had decreased in the area, we were shocked at the seemingly baren seascape. We go deeper to get a close look at the coral and rocks and we come across a few creatures like this red starfish and the congeal hiding in the rocks. After a closer look, we were able to see that there are many small fish, but the biggest fish we could find was this rainbow raz. During our safety stop while we waited for our bodies to expel any nitrogen that was forced into our blood, I found it fascinating to observe how the anchor held the boat to the rocks and it helped me gain perspective on how different reality is in the water. I went down to just over 22 meters *which is illegal since I’m not certified for that* I’m only certified for 18 meters, went down to like 22 meters. Before we went in our dive master was like, “yeah, there’s not a whole lot of sea life in the Mediterranean”, cause it’s been over fished, but there’s a lot of small fish. They were saying there’s a lot of octopus, but we didn’t see any. It was good! I lost a fin to start and had to get that put back on to my foot, but that was fine and yeah it was awesome to look out past the wall into the abyss. Even though it was disheartening to experience the lack of marine life, it was exhilarating to be back breathing underwater. We suited back up for our second dive, where, while we were swimming through this small trench we were surprised with a bottle of champagne and a sign saying Happy Birthday! *singing Happy Birthday* This is a typical Italian cake. *laughter* What do you think is in it? I don’t remember what it’s called. Thrilled we headed back to our anchorage where we watched the lunar eclipse. Upon waking as the wind was just beginning to stir I climbed up the fore stay and was able to untangle the Genoa. After a couple of weeks of carrying our sail of shame, we lowered and stored the sail. We hit the water with a casual cruise to Pompeii for a quick peak at the volcano encased town. Pompeii! In the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D. was buried very rapidly under giant quantities of ash simultaneously destroying and preserving what was once a lively town of near 20,000 humans. Upon entering from the east, you first come across a glass building full of what look to be stone encapsulated humans. The ferocity with which the town was hit gave the people of Pompeii little to no time to escape. The death raining from above. This was the first of many reminders that Pompeii was filled with humans no different than the ones walking on earth today. Walking through the surprisingly robust town, we saw food that had been prepared some two thousand years ago. Games and artwork that I imagine at the time were commonplace, but now they are gems and portals to a different time that are held in the might of all with a sense of sacredness. Almost a peculiar nostalgia for a time we can seemingly remember. Even the brothel, which today would be looked down on is treated with a sense of reverence similar to that of a cathedral. A very odd place to behold. We meandered to the edge of town and came across what I assume to be plaster replicas of excavated material. Back in modern civilization on the train we all pondered the mysterious town entombed by Vesuvius. And while we were standing there this lady runs over and goes, “Theo mio a Cannoli!” And so, of course we go over and we have THE BEST Cannoli that these North Americans have ever tasted. Thanks for watching! Subscribe and share this video with a friend that you think would enjoy it. Go out there and explore something and come back and let me know how it was for ya. Have a great week. That’s the one that killed Pompeii. Ciao!

52 thoughts on “Scuba Diving In Ponza, Italy and Exploring Pompeii Ruins”

  1. I’m going on my third month living the van life currently exploring the PNW thanks for the inspiration! Love your videos! Safe travels ✌️

  2. Dude you guys are killing it… bought a 41 ‘ gulfstar last year almost ready to leave for the Caribbean in November hope we run into each other… live life ghost out

  3. my favorite episode yet! as a humanities student & beginner latinist, i often forget the modern day reality of the places i am studying. i really appreciated the view of a traveler, showcasing the raw and shocking truths of the modern day mediterranean that i rarely get to see. i hope you enjoyed your time in ponza and will carry the stories of pompeii citizens wherever you travel next ! well done 🙂 oh! and happy birthday!!

  4. Another great video! Happy belated birthday Dylan! What a fabulous way to spend your birthday! ????⛵️??????‍♂️?⚓️??

  5. I'm really a little bit jealous ! Great video ! Is there any space for me on the boat…may be in the machine room ? Best regards and thanks for the video !

  6. If you'd like some more power out of that 9.9 hp Yamaha outboard engine, they are fairly easy to tune up to 15hp. If you haven't already done that ofc. You just remove a part. It's put in there to circumvent marine laws and age restrictions.

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