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scuba diving in minecraft (1 command)

scuba diving in minecraft (1 command)

Hey Guys! today, im gonna show you my new vanilla mod! its scuba diving in minecraft! but first, we need to get an commandblock you do this by typing: “/give @p command_block” Place it down, and get a button to place on it now, paste this super long command using CTRL+V that you can find in the description Press the button, and the structure will spawn! it lags a bit when im recording, so lets take the stuff and go somewhere else to get the gear, you will need to do some crafting in an dispenser just place the items in the dispenser exacly as i do when standing on it and you will get the gear! then, put it on and youre ALMOST redy to go explore under water the thing you need to get air, is normal glass bottles. craft them like usual with 3 glass now you are fully geared up for underwater exploration! when you use up a bottle of air, it will break into 3 bottle fragments you can explore underwater as much as you want, just dont run out of bottles! thats about it for this vanilla mod, if you need more help you can get a book with info by clicking a sign on the machine just remember that you have to have all the gear on for this to work! like if you enjoyed, and dislike if you didn’t and comment for what i should do next! and i will see you all later! hopefully…

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