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Scuba Diving for Beginners : Symptoms of Nitrogen Narcosis

Scuba Diving for Beginners : Symptoms of Nitrogen Narcosis

Hi. I’m Cole with Expert Village and I’m going
to be talking about nitrogen narcosis. Now, nitrogen narcosis usually takes affect anything
deeper than eighty-five feet. However, most commonly, it takes affect deeper than one
hundred. Basically, what nitrogen narcosis is, is it’s a euphoric or paranoid state that
a diver gives in to. In fact, even hallucinations can result from nitrogen narcosis. A friend
of mine, once spent twenty minutes filming a lobster dancing on the sand, and when he
brought up the video, there was no lobster. He was just cruising around, staring at the
sand with his camera. Funny things like that can happen, but also dangerous things can
happen. Such as not paying attention to your air because you’re in such a euphoric state,
or even hallucinating and seeing your gauges at the wrong air level, which actually happen
to me. Fortunately, I was seeing them as much lower than they were. So, I did the safe thing
and went up, but it can happen where it’s more dangerous. The only way to avoid nitrogen
narcosis is to avoid very deep dives.

10 thoughts on “Scuba Diving for Beginners : Symptoms of Nitrogen Narcosis”

  1. What a crock of crap. First of all, narcosis can happen much shallower than 85'. As for avoiding deep diving to avoid narcosis, ever hear of mixed gas diving? Nitrox, Trimix?? Hello? Expert Village my ass. Where do they find these people.

  2. @cillanthe1st Yeah, as a beginning diver but good surfer this is pretty much true. I've been to around 30M Max. myself, there are no effects of narcosis on that depth, unless you are very vulnerable, old, sick etc. On normal conditions it wouldn't happen unless you start to go deeper then 50/60+ meters on solid air.

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