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SCUBA DIVING BELIZE | Ambergris Caye and Placencia | travel vlog 2019

SCUBA DIVING BELIZE | Ambergris Caye and Placencia | travel vlog 2019

(tropical birds chirping) (upbeat drum music) – Wait, wait, wait. This was supposed to be a
scuba diving video, right? Let’s do it. (energetic electronic music) And this is where it all begins, the tarmac in Belize City. The plan is to jump on
this small little plane, to go to San Pedro in Ambergis Caye. We’re diving with Padi on this one. The plan it to show you the
most beautiful diving in Belize. If I’m ready, which I am, and you’re ready, which I hope you are, and Bill? – [Bill] Stoked. – Is ready. Let’s get on this small little aircraft and explore the Belize Barrier Reef. – Thank you. (plane engines roar) (upbeat music) Alright, San Pedro is basically
one little strip of sand. It’s like one long city, and people get around with golf carts. I can see the airport. And this is where we’re staying, Ramon’s Village Resort. After you. (waves crashing)
(seagulls chirping) – [Bill] What’s that?! (laughing) – That my friend, is
the Belize Barrier Reef. About 1000 feet offshore, it is the second largest
barrier reef in the world. And the plan is to dive
under the water and see it. (enchanted electronic music) (water gurgling) (enchanted electronic music) (ventilator breathing) Okay, we just finished
our first dive in Belize, it was at a site called Tres Cocos, which means three coconuts. I did not see any coconuts, did you, Bill? – [Bill] Not one. – But we saw lots of Nurse Sharks. And the reef was really
cool because it was like a giant monster took his claw and just scraped through a barrier reef. So it’s all these really
beautiful channels. And maybe that’s why there
was so many nurse sharks, they’re hiding in those
little sandy channels. But for us, for shots, it was beautiful, as you probably already saw on camera. Hey seaman, you see that sea turtle? That wasn’t a cute sea turtle. (laughter) (mumbles) – That sea turtle grew up
in a bad neighborhood, man. – That took you awhile. – That was a crusty sea turtle. – No, those are my friends. (laughing) (smooth electronic music) – The sun is set over San Pedro, and as you can see,
it’s getting quite dark. This is our third dive of the day, and of course, it’s
going to be a night dive. It’ll be with AC again. Why do we night dive? We see ghosts, that’s why, right? – We’re gonna see spirits. – See spirits. – Under water. – Are the Belizian spirits as
friendly as normal spirits? – Yeah. – Even more friendly? – Even more friendly, a lot
of hugs, a lot of stuff. – Alright, and so, what should
we see tonight, do you think? – We gonna try to see some octopus. – Octopus? – Spotted Eagle Rays – Yeah? – That’s what we’re gonna
look for them tonight. Those are the highlight for the night. – Amazing. And there’s actually a marine
park going to it, right? – Yeah, the hol chan marine park – hol chan… – Marine Park. – Marine park, which means, you told me. Canyon and Mayan? – Yeah it’s a Mayan word for small cutter and small channel. – Small channel. I’m excited. Are you excited? – Yeah, I’m always excited. – Are the Belizian spirits excited? – Yeah, we gonna take tannitime with us. – As food? – Yeah, he’s a chomper tonight. (laughing) – For the octopus, right? – Yeah – Alright. (electronic music) (water gurgling) – We saw so much. Woo! – Man – [Bill] Woo buddy! – You with the Eagle Ray. – [Bill] Oh the Eagle Rays loved me. – That night dive, though, was probably I’ve maybe done 50 or so in my life. That was number one, easily number one. We saw everything we wanted to see, and even more on top of that. – [Bill] Hunting octopus? – Yeah, with it’s tentacle, and he was putting the fish in his mouth. Alright, it’s like eight o’clock. We have to wake up tomorrow
morning at five A.M. To go to the Blue Hull,
which is the main event. I’m excited. – [Bill] Mmhmm. Mmhmm. – Alright, lets grab some food, go to bed, have a nap basically. Catch you guys in the morning. (phone ringing) – Hello? It’s canceled. – [Bill] What? – Weather. – [Bill] Noooooo! (waves crashing) – Okay, as you saw, we
woke up this morning to a phone call saying that the Blue Hull dives have been canceled. You can probably see why, because it’s extremely rocky, and it was a two and a half hour boat ride out to the Blue Hull. There’s no way this boat
was gonna make it there. So, it was canceled. But, on the bright side, we
still have a day of diving. So right now were
crossing the Barrier Reef. It’s extremely rocky. We have one more day here in San Pedro before going to Placencia
tomorrow morning. It’s still gonna be a good day, even if there’s no Blue Hull. (bubbling water) (electronic music) – Alright, we made it! While maybe it wasn’t
exactly the Blue Hull, I’ll take that. I’ll take that dive. That was beautiful man. Alright, lets get back on the boat. Are you pulling me in? (laughing) The service is good. You hold onto the line, and
they pull you back to the boat. Alright. – You made it jumping, man. – Whoo. This is behind the scenes, two diver, videographer dudes
have all of this luggage. I swear half of it is like make-up, different outfits for instagram, actually it’s mostly camera stuff. We’re on our way to Placencia. On these smaller flights,
sometimes your lucky, and there’s no co-pilot, and
you’re in the plane first, you can be co-pilot. Check this out. – [Pilot] All aboard southwest flight. (techno music drowns out pilot speaking) (airplane engine roaring) (upbeat techno music) (waves crashing on beach shore) – Good morning from Placencia. We just got here later last night. We’re taking the drone
up for a quick flight, and it looks absolutely beautiful. Check this out. (smooth electronic music) Okay, welcome to Splash
Dive Center in Placencia. They are being very nice to us and taking us to Silky Caye today, and another beautiful
day diving in Belize. Hey! – How are you guys doing? – It’s like we staged this or something. (everyone laughing) hey, good to see you. – Welcome, how are you? Good to see you. – Yeah, actually we met a year ago at a conference here, and
I heard so many good things about you and your shop here. – Oh goodness, oh. – So tell us a little
bit about Silky Caye. – Well, Silky’s on the Barrier Reef, and it’s about 35 to 45
minutes to get there. The first dive is gonna be a wall dive, and then you will be doing canyons, really cool stuff to see. – Awesome. – Yeah. – Thank you so much. (electronic music) When we were in San Pedro,
we were a little bit lucky, because the Barrier Reef is
only about 300 feet off shore and maybe like two minutes by boat. Here in Placencia, it’s
much, much further away, it’s 45 minutes by boat,
but because it’s so remote, it’s supposed to be really, really nice. (upbeat pop music) Is it partial? I feel deflated. Alright, dive one: Placencia. I’m ready. Are you ready? – I’m ready. – Your dive gear’s not even on. – You’ll see. (laughing) – All he has is gills. Lets do it. – I was just checking if he was ready – [Bill] Am I ready? He wasn’t. (laughing) – I wasn’t ready. – [Person On Boat] He wasn’t ready! (upbeat hip hop music) – Well, we just finished
our last dive in Belize. It’s a little bit hard to stand on this beautiful, white sand. This is South Silky Caye, and this is where our adventure ends. Unfortunately, we have to wrap it up, but I wanna say thank you to Patty for organizing this trip with us. Belize diving, the Belizian people have been incredible for us. And big love to my man
behind the camera, Bill. – [Bill] Oh thanks. – We gotta come back, right? – [Bill] Uh, duh. (laughing) – Thank you guys for watching. If you haven’t subscribed
yet, you can do that. If you missed the last video of mine, it is in the top corner, and I can’t wait to take
you on the next adventure. Experience over possessions,
see you later guys.

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