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– This is amazing, so
much action down there, a lot going on. Just I hope, hopefully I
captured all of it for you. – [Woman] It never
happened to me like that. – Incredible, I love it. (Upbeat techno music) Good morning, everybody. It’s 7:45 in the morning. It’s the sixth of February, 2018. I am on the island of
Bohol in the Philippines, and about to go diving this morning. Just had breakfast at Lost Horizon, the post I’m staying. We’re about to go check out
some diving at Balicasag. And the first, there’s three dives. The first one or two
dives will be local dives. And I think the second or third dive, and I’ll elaborate this later, will be at Balicasag, a very famous place for diving here. So if I just head around,
give you some perspective. Look at this place, Alona Beach. If you haven’t seen the
videos that I’ve done on Alona Beach, and some
of the drawing footage as well, definitely check those out. I just realised I’ve got stains on my, (laughing) I can’t eat properly. (metallic music) Alright, let’s go diving. Let’s do this. (upbeat drumming) So we’re just getting our little speedboat to our connecting boat. So we’re just getting
on to our massive boat. – Morning.
– Morning, how are you? – Great, good. – This boat is huge, compared to some of the
other boats I’ve been on. (wind whistling) A lot of space on this. (energetic music) So we’re on a boat now, as
you can tell, on a boat. (laughing) We’re heading to our first dive site, which is only literally five
minutes from where we were at. That doesn’t make any sense. Anyway, so we’re heading that way, and we’ll be pulling up
in one or two minutes, or something like that. That’s going to be dive
number one of three. (energetic music) (splashing) (mysterious music) (slow piano notes) (gurgling water) (high, mysterious music) (quick violins playing) – That was really good, the first dive, very impressed, very impressed. That’s dive one of three. A few of my friends. – Good.
– What did you see? What did you see?
– Nice time. – Yeah? That was 55 minutes, 22 metres. Really, really good. (energetic music)

25 thoughts on “SCUBA DIVING BALICASAG (DIVE 1 OF 3)”

  1. It was like National Geographic film we watched here in England. Amazing underwater shots, colourful fish etc. I am so impressed really beautiful well done mate. More vlogs pls

  2. i didnt expect balicasag to be this teeming with life. its been getting some bad rep from other vloggers lately.

  3. Great video! Like the way you do underwater videos. Glad you enjoyed your Philippine travels.

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