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Scuba Diving and Muddy Adventures on Isle St. Marie- Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 122

Scuba Diving and Muddy Adventures on Isle St. Marie- Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 122

All right, you guys ready? Ready. Dive, dive, dive, dive! [MUSIC PLAYING] Previously on Delos. Yeah, the weather
has finally cleared. It’s sunny skies, and
the wind has gone away. This is what Madagascar
is all about. And our new crew arrives. I’ve never been so excited to
see people that I’ve never met. Nice to meet you. Oh, the spread. Well, we finally got some
coordinates from Revo at the dive shop here,
for a couple of dives, so we put ’em in. It’s called Big Eyes,
and we’re on our way now. And we’ve got our depth
sounder hooked up, and we’re gonna do
a little Delos dive. But there’s no buoy, or
anything, so we’re just gonna dive straight from Delos. Just in teams. All right, you guys ready? Ready! Dive, dive, dive, dive! What do you think’s gonna
be down there, Camilla? Nothing? No, it’s– A bunch of sand? No, I think it’s going
to be a great dive. What if the dive
shop’s fucking with us? Dive shop’s like,
aw, yeah, we’ll give you a good coordinate. No, it’s going to be great. Whoa! What did you see? Huh? How was your dive? How was the dive? It was good. Yeah? Yeah. It was very good. What’s down there? There’s coral bobbies, and
a lot of schools of fish. Definitely the best one
we’ve had so far here. OK, cool. Do you guys want to go? Yeah, it’s a good position. We’re right on top of it. Have a good dive, guys. [LAUGHTER] All right, ready? Going down. That’s a funny giant leap. Hey. Good job. Good job. [LAUGHTER] Hey. Hey! Underwater divers. Hey, it was pretty sweet, man. Pretty good, huh? I’m glad you called me a
pussy and said to do it. Get in and dive, bitch. Get in and dive, bitch. It’s such a random
assortment of fish. Like– Yeah. Lionfish– So many lionfish. And then there’s puffers. Yeah. It’s just really random. And yeah, those schools of,
like, those hundreds of fish are so cool. Yeah, it’s beautiful, huh? Yeah. Oh, shit! Yeah, it was cool, man. It was very cool. Well, the weather
is about the calmest it’s been in a long time. Normally it’s shit
weather out here. Normally it’s crazy. And so we’ve decided to
head outside of the island, to this place
called [INAUDIBLE], which is a little 11 meter spot. There’s Isle St. Marie, and
we are diving just over here. And now we’re coming
around the corner, and it’s supposed
to be pretty cool. We heard from Revo, the
guy in the dive shop, so it’s right here. We’re about 3.5 miles away,
and there’s not a lot of wind today, but there’s
still pretty big swell. But we should be able to get
out there and see how it looks. We’ll just have to bob around
and dive in teams again, I think. Yeah. I don’t think we
can anchor in this, but it’s a little roly
poly, but we’ll get there. But what a cool
spot, and a good day. And there’s whales
all around us, too. We’re going right
alongside of ’em. It’s perfect. Yeah. It’s so beautiful, huh? Do you guys see this? Dude! So we’ve made it to
the shallow spot. Right under the boat. It’s 12 meters under
the [INAUDIBLE], and then it looks
like it drops to 30. I don’t know if
you can see that. See you in a bit. All right. Have fun. So, we’ve just sent
Kazza and Brian down, and the whales are
literally just here. So hopefully they’ll maybe
see them a bit in the water. That would be cool. We didn’t see the
whales, but it was incredible to hear their
whale song through the water. [WHALE SONG] We’re over here. Right here. Oh, hello! “Herro.” How was it? Well, we saw a pretty cool ray. Yeah? When we first went down. Not much else? But other than
that, I don’t know. There’s not much down there. Like– Was it sand or coral, or– No, there’s some hard coral. Yeah? But there’s not a lot of fish. I think it gets fished
a lot, or something. Yeah, maybe. Maybe. I thought the other
dive was better. Yeah, OK. It’s also a lot of surge here. Oh, there is? So you can’t really
get close to anything. Yeah. We made it. Hard day of diving. We’re back on the mooring. Sweet. Nice and calm. How’s it look? A good one? It looks good. It’s got thick chain, like,
the size of my arm on it. Sweet. So, we’ll be good. Look at this beautiful night. It is so flat. Yeah, I think this is the first
day it’s ever been this flat. Yeah. First day since
you’ve been here. Good for Cheyenne. It’ll be like
sleeping in a house. Yeah. Just gonna– We’ll be going
adventuring today. That’s the plan. That’s the plan. I got our scooters started. Yes. So what’s the plan, brother? All right, man. Well, we’re going
to get scooters. They have bikes,
but scooters are going to be a lot easier for
filming and putting our bags by our feet, and stuff. So I think let’s
get on and go north. I like it. A nice bike. How much is it, Brian? Let’s see. So, the BWIS. 40,000 per day. OK? Works for us. OK. Nice. These scooters– It’s a good one. Good one. But the tires– what about
the tires on this one? We’re ready. Our rough plan was
to cruise north along this beautiful coastline,
and stop at some epic spots along the way. Cool. Good flats. I got some good shots, man. I like how you got your
safety hat the whole time. Yeah, yeah, just in case. Good scooter driving, Camilla. When was the last time
you rode a scooter? Oh, I don’t know. When I was 16, maybe. When I had a scooter. So, like, two years ago? Yes. It seems we are– it seems we are– we’re already having
some scooter problems. Is there a kickstart on it, Ro? There we go. We’re at the waterfall. Number one. Yeah. Refreshing. Very refreshing. How’s that coconut taste? OK. So, we found a sign, and
it looks really promising, I’d say. So– Yeah. That’s where we’re gonna go. It’s pointing the direction
we want to go, so– And it’s got a really cool name. Yeah. So let’s go for it. Sahasifotra! Time for some
off-road adventures. OK, so a slight change in roads. This one is a little
bit more bumpy. OK, so, bit of a mishap. Let’s see if you can get it out. It’s not the best of roads. [ENGINE REVVING] I’ll just get through this part. Yeah. Good luck. [ENGINE REVVING] OK, and where am I gonna walk? This is my luxury ride? Hey! Need a ride home? We stopped, as Greg and
Cheyenne had in some way lost their scooter key. I think it just popped straight
out of the ignition somewhere down the dirt road. And next thing we knew– Somebody lose a key? Yeah. Did you find it? Yeah. Are you serious? Some people came past
us and went like this. We were like, aw, it must be– must be one of our guys. What’s the chance of that? Who found the key? One of the local
guys driving by. We were also super lost. Yeah. Cool. Bonus. We couldn’t understand
much of that broken French conversation, and we were out
here, somewhere along this winding dirt road. Oh, great. I’m going through there. Do you want to get
out and walk it? Yeah. We’re going the deep run route. [LAUGHTER] That guy is carrying
a chicken on a bike. I don’t know where– Oh, yeah. Aw, skills. That’s good bumps. I don’t know where we
are, but we’re somewhere lost in the northern, eastern
side of Isle St. Marie. Do you know where we’re going? No, not really. Do you know where we’re going? No. Does anyone? We were trying to find the
massive beach on the other side that’s, like, 10
kilometers long, but it’s pretty far
north of us now, and we’re just–
look at this, man. We keep running into
crazy shit like this. [ENGINE REVVING] But we’re headed
south because the sun is setting to our right. That’s about all I know, though. You wanna find a smoke shop? I’m gonna pee. What happened to you, bro? There was a bit of a
mud puddle up there, and I just got a
little sideways. I saw it. It was good. I watched the whole thing. Nice and slow, easy, and the
back wheel just slid out. It was very graceful. Yeah. It was graceful. Mud is soft. Yeah. As graceful as it could be. Man. So you stopped to take
a photo of the sunset? Well, you don’t– It’s incredibly beautiful. We still don’t really
know where we are, but it’s– it’s a
really cool ride, and meeting a lot of friendly
people along the way, and getting a little muddy. And hopefully, maybe we’ll
get back to the capitol at some point. We’re still going
south, so that’s good. Yeah. Oh, wow. It’s so, just, bright red. Big red ball. Beautiful. I know it’s hard to see
through the camera, but– What is that one doing out here? I think it’s a
good sign, though. It should be. We’re seeing more
and more people than we see at [? Tuk Tuk, ?]
so the town is close. Maybe. I know we’re going
the right way. That’s– we’ll
just figure it out. What do you see, Mr. Brady? I just saw a cell tower,
and the roads are now paved. And I think we’re– yeah, we’re getting close. Taxi. Definitely getting close. Look at all these people. Look at all these people. Look at all these people. Number one. Number one. Back in the big city. It’ll be funny to film
us returning the bikes, and see what the look
is on their face. They’re just covered in mud. Did you go off road
with our bikes? You’re not supposed to. I felt a little worried
that they would be angry with us taking the
bikes off road, and for getting them all
muddy, but everyone just laughed, and wants to make sure
that we had had a good time. What a great day. [LAUGHTER] It lived up to its name. Look. Ultimate Off Road Machine. Yes. [INAUDIBLE] St. Marie! Yes! [INAUDIBLE] OK, thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you. That was cool, though. Cheers! Some good old fashioned fun. Up next, we start
our sail north. We’ll be around the cape around
Friday, probably 2:00, 3:00 in the morning. And blow up our favorite sail. [INAUDIBLE] It was on its last days. [SINGING] Let it
move and expand. First act as men. OK, sweet. First thing in the morning. That’s a wrap! [SINGING] Take time to exhale. Like it? Like it a lot. [SINGING] Forget for a moment. What the hell’s going on, bro? I think we’ve got
some weird crew that thinks we’re on some sort of
a tall ship, or something. Climbing all over the place. Hey. Hey. What do you see? Oh, I see a lot of things. Foreign countries, whales. A couple of white sharks. All kinds of things. Lots of pirates. [HUMMING]

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