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Scuba Diving and Dancing In Raja Ampat, Indonesia- Sailing SV Delos Ep. 33

Scuba Diving and Dancing In Raja Ampat, Indonesia- Sailing SV Delos Ep. 33

Previously on Delos The crew gets lost trying to find the village of Wasai finds a pretty sweet river short-cut and Brady gets really sick. With the crew feeling better, we decided to get on the road again, and head toward the Raja Ampat Dive Lodge which was just a days sail away “But we’re feeling way better!” “That is awesome! Ready for some more diving?”
“Yeah man!” “Definitely” So we were off! And motoring slowly through the maze of reefs and islands. And everything was really sweet.. until.. “So what’s happening Brain?” “We were motoring through this nice little passage here and noticed that the temperature on the main got really high all of a sudden, so we had to shut it down and luckily we’re not in any shallow spots, but we have no wind, we’re kinda drifting with a little bit of current that we have.. and there’s like.. I dunno.. 2 or 3 knots of wind. We’re going 1 knot! Which is ok.. I guess” “If you come like 20 degrees to port”
“20 to port” “Yeah” “Now we have some wind, but we have another problem.. our GPS just stopped working. And we’re right here.. in the middle of all these reefs It seems problems always come in pairs while cruising, so we were back to navigating old school which meant dead reckoning our position with sitings on islands and reefs “Another 20 to port” “there’s some really ripping current right here!” “Check it out” Even with the current against us, we still made it to The Raja Ampat Dive Lodge just before sun down. and grabbed one of their moorings we even got our GPS problems sorted out. When we left the anchorage, a line was coiled up on the rail, covering our antenna and killing the signal. Luckily it was a super easy fix. “we’re all in high spirits because we’re at a lodge.. OH YEAH OTHER PEOPLE!” “Have somebody bring us food”
“Be civilized”
“That sounds really GOOD!” “I don’t remember when the last time is we had a dinner off the boat” “Ya’ll lookin mighty fancy this evenin” “We actually don’t.. it’s just like normal clothes! we’re wearing clothes for once!”
“What’s going on?” “Trying to get dressed up to go to Raja Ampat Dive Resort” “but it turns out everythings covered in stains and wrinkled and smells a bit like mold”
“Yeah, look at this one.. I don’t know where that came from..” “I think it’s a…”
“It looks like a ring worm!” “with mold and a nice community” “And here..”
“This is ring worm!”
“This is a real ring worm” (laughing)
“This is one of the dirty Leyten sister’s” So with roadies in hand, and smelling like a band of gypsy pirates, we descended on the Raja Ampat Dive Lodge with the intention of stuffing ourselves silly a fancy night out! “So we just arrived at The Raja Ampat Dive Lodge! And we’re pretty excited, we’re all dressed up and we’re gonna have a lovely dinner! Let’s go!”
(laughing) We were a little worried that security would kick us out Sometimes they don’t like cruising boats in these places But after a few smiles and hand-shakes, we were in! (laughing) “Oh, this is really beautiful! Look at that! A little seat you can sit on with a light, and hang.. ohhh and look at this little guy! hello! little ghecko” “Isn’t it great, being in a resort like these where people pay so much money. It’s great being on a boat “It’s not moving”
“Yeah, they get to relax on these things all day” “Sit at a nice resort.. not worry about their home dragging away in the night. But they also have to spend a lot of money” (laughing) “How much are you doing right now?”
“Wow, this is just a frickin delicious seafood chowder.. just got into my second serving here and I’m gonna set it on the table and that I can enjoy it with the rest of my meal.. which I don’t even know what else we have here!” The last thing you want at your nice Resort is a crew of hungry sailors rolling in to destroy your buffet “What do you think buttercup?” “Beautiful” “Look at that”
“So good!” “You just came back from the feed table” “Karin, what’s going on?” “Just a little bit crazy thats going on here.. everybody’s really excited to see Phoebe play.. so..”
“Trying to set up the gear right now”
(laughing) (laughing) “Where is Brian? Over there.. drinking some whiskey with our ol mates over there!”
(laughing) “Look at this guy!” “WOHOOO!” “This one goes out to everybody here tonight, and thanks for setting up this awesome microphone!”
(laughing) “Cheers me lady!”
“YAAAY!” ♪ Yeah… woah, just leave it on the floor, leave it till tomorrow, you know the sun will cast a temporary shadow, don’t linger in the darkness for too long, yeah, find shelter from this storm. And cos you you might be blinded by the light, yeah and you might not win the fight, but I know it’s alright, if you wanna cry Cos you’ll be flying high, woo! ♪ (Everyone singing) (laughing) ♪ Take me home ♪ Not sure what it is about Delos, Moonshine and John Denver But everytime we hung out with locals, and brought out the shine, They all busted out this one song they knew in english It might be a right of passage for Indonesian dudes living on remote islands or something ♪ Take me home, country road ♪ We’re about to go see.. or hopefully see.. the elusive bird of paradise” “It’s f*cking early!”
(laughing) We were up bright and early to check out the red bird of paradise This is involved a 30 minute dingy ride to another island, followed by a hike through the jungle in the pre-dawn light The villagers had a pretty sweet little set up in the jungle though And had even built a blind in the tree’s to get a little closer to the action Suddenly a male emerged from the jungle right in front of us and began his crazy little dance! Reminded me sort of like that awkward guy maybe after a few too many drinks, out on the dance floor strutting his stuff for any females in the house. “Pretty cool huh?” Finally he gets some interest and is probably totally stoked, only to be blocked by some other jerk that just can’t let the poor guy win. Sorry bro! Better luck next time! (camera clicks repeatedly) “Oh hey everybody!” “Bostick” “Oh that was a really good trip!”
(laughing) “It was really cool”
“Yeah it was really beautiful”
“Makasi” “Makasi”
“Crazy to think that.. people came here for centuries to find those birds” “Yeah, it was really special”
“Yeah” “The only thing is the sun wasn’t really out, so it was a bit.. a bit grey.. so you couldn’t really see the beautiful colours.. but still pretty powerful stuff so it was really nice” “And then we see the dog of paradise” “Little ones” We weren’t here for the dogs, birds or even the awesome buffet, for us, it was all about the diving” “Good morning!”
“Ohh f*cking you again!” “It’s time to go diving! Are you excited?!” “Diving in Raja Ampat!”
(Brady laughs) “Hello, good morning! Good morning Brady” “Hey, good morning!”
“Are we ready to go diving?”
“Yeah!” “I was just about to go check out the pass.. see what the currents doing” “Yeah, you were! In between dreams huh?” “So, Cape Kri, really really good dive site… apparently we haven’t done it yet, but Brain and Karin are down right now. There’s a massive current that comes in when the tide falls from east to west and it cuts between the island just behind us here and it’s supposed to be a really really sweet drift dive, lots of big pelagic fish, so we’re gonna go pick up Brain and Karin in a second “Yeah, we have to float around, because there’s no place to anchor out here, so luckily we have enough people. Josje’s on board right now Keeping the boat safe.. while we are the dive the diving team.. the bubble watchers”
“Yes” “Hey guys!” “Oh man!”
“That was amazing!” “How was it?!”
“So much fish!”
“Real good!” “Good work!”
“Tell us about it!” “Oh man, there’s like.. we went down and there was a massive school of Barracuda there’s like bat fish everywhere and sweet lips and trevally’s hunting” “It was like a massive aquarium!”
“So much fish, you’re just like..” “Crazy, the coral is amazing” “That was f*cking… the was the best dive I’ve ever done!”
“Yeah!” “The biggest fish I’ve ever seen under water!”
“It was f*cking cool!” “Massive schools of tuna, like huge Barracuda, like all just f*cking swimming around!”
“Man, that point down there is crazy!” “We saw two turtles!” “They were massive!”
“F*cking amazing! And.. a shark!” “NO!?”
“Yeah mate. A f*cking shark down there eh!” We loved this spot so much we just drifted around here all day, just filling tanks right in the dingy, and diving over and over again It was awesome! But with our time in Raja Ampat coming to an end, we decided to head further west in search of more sweet spots Up Next! Our engine quits again and we’re forced to tow Delos with Maggie We end up at a really sweet private beach And actually see another boat! “Pick me, pick me!”
“The lord for the week!”
“It was a great week!” “I didn’t cook, I didn’t clean, I had some drinks made for me “What’s your final wish?” “Swedish massage. I want the full on Swedish massage ….with a happy ending”
(laughing) “I can not be included”

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  1. Hey Delos,

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  2. As a lifelong West Virginia hillbilly, I have to say that it cracks me up that remote south seas islanders are singing our song! Who would have thunk it?

  3. This is some of the most beautiful coral ecosystems I have ever seen, and I am an advanced open water diver that has dove many reef systems. I love the way you edit your video's. Please keep the video's coming!

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  8. Note abort John Denver . He was a huge hit in China. This probably trickled down to the other Asian Countries.

    John Denver, as it turns out an environmentalist and folk musician, had a strong and peculiar connection to some of the more secretive governments in the world. In the early 1990s he performed for Deng Xiaoping at the White House, paving the way for him to be the first Western musician to tour China, in 1993. In addition, he also performed in the Soviet Union, and was the first American to perform in Vietnam following the conclusion of the war. Not bad for a guy sporting a bowl haircut.

    By the time Denver made it to China in 1993 the country was already familiar with his easy-going sounds, which had already become decidedly square in America. Perhaps it was his down-home style that endured him to Chinese audiences, or maybe they just liked the melodies. Whatever the appeal was for the crowds, his non-political message was just what the government wanted. It was Western, but in small bites.

    Regardless of the political motivation, John Denver became a high profile celebrity on the Chinese music scene. Legend has it that Deng already knew all of the words to Denver’s songs when he heard the singer in Washington. In a final tragic event that would link the two men forever, both died within six months of one another in 1997. Deng was ninety-three, while Denver was forty years his junior.

    John Denver seems like an odd candidate to have become a music legend in China. But then again, it has 900 million people living in rural areas, and Denver woke up every morning thanking God he was born a country boy.

  9. We lived aboard a Columbia 26 MKII for 15 years. Lost her in Hugo, found her again. Began fixing her up, but inertia set in. Sigh. Love your videos. Thanks! S/V Frabjous Day, Charleston, SC

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    Aside from all that, I stumbled across your site as a result of being side tracked from my regular YT series (SV Seeker)( I have enjoyed your calendar series and the only idea I might suggest is a PPV that would remove the blurred shots; just thinking. :o). Also, were I not hoping to walk the Appalachian Trail next year, I would seek a 6-7 month sailing trip. Stay Well and let me leave you with the song of my childhood hero, Roy Rogers ( Replace Trails with Sails. Hal

  12. Watching from West Virginia tonight, and the last place I want to be is home. Rather be part of the crew and sailing the world on the Delos!

  13. A really beautiful sailing spot and Breeyawn is so calm in the face of engine and equipment failure. I smile as the crew go ashore to dinner in moldy clothing. Phoebe proves to be an extremely talented singer. The bird of paradise is glorious. The diving is spectacular. A really enjoyable video.

  14. That was better than an episode of Sea Hunt.  Great UW footage.  Being good, self-sufficient scuba divers adds such a great dimension to "The Adventures of SV Delos".

  15. as Indonesian I really appreciate what ya guys doing. thanks for visiting Indonesia and sharing incredible moments through your adventures. safe passage guys.

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    Please check out our trip to Raja Ampat. Thanks

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  18. P.s. As my Marine Corp instructors constantly pounded in a 17 y o boy/man, To be aware is to be alive. Nightwatch, consider some sort of motion detector lights, etc. Again, ☮

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  26. Call phone WA +6281240549303 Raja Ampat islands waigeo village FRIWEN my Homestay Yendebabo Gues House Dive Raja Ampat Gam Islands

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  31. This is not just a great video in terms of editing and displaying aquatic life, it’s also a spectacular video displaying human life! This is the first video that I have seen so far including plenty of the movies ahead of this one, that show that there are humans on board with emotional needs. I don’t doubt they exist, but it is nice to see them in action namely Brady and Josje’s seemingly developing relationship. I’m not referring to the nudity which as pleasurable as it may be a voyeuristically it’s much nicer to see intimacy such as a what they exhibited as they swung on the bench. Throughout the entire series I have not seen hardly any such interaction between Bryan and his now beautiful wife, Kaza or Karin . (Kind of confused with all the names.). The traveling, the sailing, the adventures are great, but the humanity of the entire project is the electricity that drives us to watch you. It would be nice to see a bit more, not a lot, just a bit more of the way you interact with each other. I wish I could’ve written this years ago when you started this adventure!

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