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SCOTT Snowmobile Vision: Episode 1 w/ Kalle Johansson

SCOTT Snowmobile Vision: Episode 1 w/ Kalle Johansson

– My key to be happy is to be on the sled. (upbeat music) I’m Kalle Johansson, most
people know me as KJ. I’m from Sweden, I’m 37 years old. I grew up riding snowmobiles, since I was about five years old. I started on my dad’s farm snowmobile, a big, heavy wide-track snowmobile. And when I was about 14, I bought my first own snowmobile. We were always pushing each other. We had a little crew riding. My mission of life is pretty simple. If I’m around good people,
I can do fun things, like being out snowmobiling, I’m happy. I had been watching a
lot of snowmobile movies and they were mainly
filmed in Whistler, BC. So that’s where I wanted to go. So I took four months off
work and just went for it. Yeah, it was a dream coming true, doing those first downhill descend lines. Yes, those big lines made
me come back to Canada. So how I got recognized internationally was through filming in North America, mainly through Slednecks. I filmed for Slednecks for eight years. Sweden also have a lot of good terrain and it’s so easy accessible. Here, you can go from cabin to cabin, you can ride anywhere. There’s still a lot of good tree riding and we can have a lot of good
powder here, in Sweden, too. ♪ We take apart everything we build ♪ ♪ Had it right here, now it’s gone ♪ ♪ On and on ♪ ♪ Break ♪ (snowmobile engine roaring) – I don’t think the evolution
of snowmobiles is gonna stop, exploring different terrain, different aspects of snowmobiling, the evolution is going forward. And we’re gonna just
keep pushing the sport. ♪ Break ♪ ♪ Break ♪

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